Three free readings (CLOSED)

I need to stay sharp and offer three readings for free. First come, first serve. One question, I will choose the deck and reading method. Readings will be done over the course of today. Enjoy.

Edit: no PMs, the reading will take place in this thread.


Yep! I would love reading. Just general one about myself.

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@Pop_Daniel :+1:t2:

Two spots left

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I’d appreciate a general one thank you!

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@Twilight_Dragon :+1:t2:

One spot left

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I would like One please

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@Muggie do you have a specific question?

All spots given away, no new requests :slight_smile:

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Yeah I think I’d go with a general reading.

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@Pop_Daniel Here is your general reading :slight_smile:

I can see an overall feeling of “being stuck” on your path for now (especially material wise). The two of Swords in this spread gives me heavy “What the fuck am I supposed to do” vibes on top. In the middle of all of this you are doubting your own abilities far more than necessary (understandable, if nothing seems to move into either direction we are quick to blame a certain kind of lack that we see in ourselves).

The spread itself is already offering a helping hand: the Hierophant is inviting you to seek out a more “conventional” approach to certain things. If you feel stuck material wise: get that education, get that degree, get that piece of paper that is telling certain companies “Pop Daniel knows his shit”. This doesn’t have to be a complete academical cycle, a lot of employers are also interested in “out of the line” education like online courses. If you feel stuck spiritual wise: a “traditional” form of magick could come more naturally to you than testing everything out at the same time (and having the impression that nothing “really” works). If there is a traditional form of magick that is of interest for you: commit yourself to this and indulge into the community that comes with it.

The World card fell out together with the Hierophant. It suggests that your efforts WILL pay off if you put your trust into the traditional approach of the Hierophant. The Six of Pentacles suggests that you will be able to provide your new found knowledge back to the community (could be a working environment, could be a social community). You will be able to support others in a big way.

I also see a female figure in all of this. It could be a mentor (maybe a woman connected to your mundane life), it could also be spiritual assistance from a usually female appearing spirit or a female ancestor. She will support your efforts in a big way but she will also get you into trouble (in a “good” way), because it means that you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone under her teachings :sweat_smile:

Eh. I’m just shocked everything you have spoken is real 100.1% honestly your real deal. I’ll appreciate you and I love for the great work done.

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@Twilight_Dragon Here is your general reading :slight_smile:

For you I have the impression that you’ve hit a massive blockade with a very personal project of yours. We have the Two of Cups in reverse and the Lovers (which fell out with the Two of Swords) in the same spread, so there seem to be two major inner forces/energies currently working against another. Something once balanced turned into instability; the Ace of Cups in reverse, the water is spilling out, leaving the vessel empty…something that has formerly given you joy or gratification is slowly slipping away, leaving you with an inner loss.

The Two of Swords together with the Lovers…are you currently confronted with the decision to let go of what has been important to you? The Three of Wands in reverse point towards a sense of disappointment because you have not received the outcome you have been hoping for on your journey. Its peculiar that the Three of Wands in reverse and the Four of Cups in reverse are also both in that spread; its your sign that your efforts weren’t for “nothing”, even if the outcome differed from your plans. Both cards are inviting you to simply make new plans and to discover the beauty of a fresh start, with the growth and knowledge you already gained so far.

Because the spread left me without a “solution” to your situation I pulled an oracle card. El’Shaddai is asking you to seek out a piece of counsel from a trusted father figure in your life (it could be a person or a spirit that radiates paternal vibes to you).

There is also light at the end of the tunnel if you are currently suffering from a little financial setback:
I can see some kind of “acceptance paper” coming in for you that will help you out.
(I had a massive headache during this reading and a certain feeling of unrest/unease, btw)

@Muggie Here is your general reading :slight_smile:

This whole reading has “matters of the heart” slapped all over it. And I need to be honest (sorry!)

Here is the thing: deep inside yourself you know the truth about something that you are currently ignoring (High Priestess in reverse, Eight of Cups in reverse). This something is related to a fear of being/staying alone.

The Three of Swords came out together with the Four of Pentacles. It seems as if a past pain over someone left you feeling deeply insecure and with obsessive thoughts when it comes to stuff like companionship and romance. You are clinging to an idea more than to whats really there; a female figure in your life has turned into some kind of goal for you and you are all about turning your idea of her as a partner into reality (King of Wands looks like you :slight_smile: ).

I can see this female figure sending out messages to you that you tend to misinterpret (sorry!), for the sake of clinging to your idea. This makes you suffer in return because her actual behavior doesn’t match with your reality about the current situation, which makes the Three of Swords even worse, which makes the Four of Pentacles even worse and so on.

This spread has a rather harsh advice included: the Judgement card. If you are reflecting with brutal honesty about yourself and your motives you might be able to escape the Three of Swords-Four of Pentacles-Ping-Pong. If you “wake up” from this idea to the reality around you (and this shit will hurt, I’m not going to lie) you can leave this past and turn into the King of Wands, the dude that takes control over himself.

Because I think that the Judgement card can come off as asshole-ish in such a situation I pulled an Oracle card with additional advice, “Blessing of Al-Hakim”.

The card confirms that your internal anguish over this situation will be soothed. This could come in an unexpected way, you might receive a new vision for your life (an unexpected career path or devoting yourself to a cause that hasn’t even touched your outer consciousness, so far). You will find fulfillment within yourself in this, without suffering from a fear of loneliness.
(I know that this reading probably wasn’t what you’ve expected to hear :neutral_face: )

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Sorry, fam :grimacing:

That was one deep reading.

I appreciate your time and effort