Three free public tarot readings 🔮 [Closed]

Hello :slight_smile:

I will do three public readings for the first three people that comment.

  • The Reading will be public, so please just ask if you are fine with that and if it’s not too personal for you.
  • You can ask a question
  • No questions about spell work, spirits/entities, health, past life’s, death.
  • I will look into current situations, not so much doing future predictions.



I’d like a reading about my love life if you can. Blessed be

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Why am I still poor and broke? :grin:

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Provide one for me :sparkles:

A general love reading?

What is your question? Or a general one?

Please read the first post…

A general one, sorry i forgot you mentioned “no entities” :slight_smile:

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Okay i am doing a generell one, starting now :slight_smile:

I’m trying to win back an ex. So any thing that you can read Thank you

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will you do a spread to see if my business will be successful? thank you :slight_smile:

You seem pretty cool for doing free tarot readings for people.

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I am getting that you wish for more solidarity and company in your family life.

Seems like you started to see things more clearly in a love matter. You might feel weak sometimes as if you lost power about something but you have the strength to overcome this when you don’t give up.

If you work on what you want, you will be successful.

I am getting that trust is an important matter in your love love or probably s specific relationship.

Reconciliation means, that your connection to someone from your past will probably get stronger again. Maybe an ex if that’s someone who’s on your mind.

Don’t ever forget your worth in love matters.

If you goal is reconciliation, you have to be tricky. You might need help for it, maybe from spirits although you might think it’s not necessary anymore.
You can overcome the feeling of weakness by cooperation with others.

I hope it resonates :hibiscus:


If you do any more I would like a general one about what should I expect this june. Thanks for doing all these free readings btw.

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Can I get one too? I will post the question if yes . :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for that it does resonate. What do you mean by be tricky and what spirits do you think. Thank you again

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Seems like you count more on magick then actual hard work. But you need to work hard in order to get the coins. I think you don’t really like to be employed and you prefer to be „free“. You might took the wrong decisions so far, what you did was not really viable.
Seems like you need some kind of competition to show what you are truly capable of. You probably never really felt fully dedicated to any job you did, is that possible? So you never had the passion to truly learn some specific work.

You have to risk something in order to get something. You have to do it with your heart involved. Don’t get into conflicts with people that could help you. You have to face the reality and take some decisions if you want something to change. Even if you want to be free, you could also decide to do something you could get money with, maybe even being in a good position, being an authority for others.

I hope it resonates :hibiscus:

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I think that you need a plan and think about it. I don’t know which spirits could be helpful. Maybe friends could help you as well but if you want to do some magick I would think about your situation, what had happened and what are the obstacles and search in the forum as you’d probably find advice :slight_smile:

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Haha thank you :sunglasses:

Seems fair enough :neutral_face:

Yup :thinking:

wow… never though about it that way. :astonished:

No wonder I am still stuck in first gear.

You are very good at this… going to change somethings to see if finances improve. Taking all your advice into consideration.

And yes… not only does it resonates… it felt like an anvil fell on my head while reading.

Thanks again :smile:

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