Thoughts on the Norse pantheon

Hi :slight_smile: I’m new here. I’m a non practicing pagan and with that I mean I don’t really deal with rituals and alike. I became a pagan after going through a really rough time in my life so I comforted myself with the gods of the norse pantheon since they are very cool. I also come from scandinavia so I love that we have our own little mythology.

My favorite of these deities is Hel the norse goddess of the Underworld. She seems like such a cool deity but disappears when Ragnarok comes around. Anyway hopefully no one has made a topic like this but I would just want to discuss the norse pantheon. Your favorite gods or goddesses and maybe some talk about rituals. Anyway hope to see some of your thoughts about this awesome pantheon :wink:

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Odinn and Heimdallhr are pretty cool to work with. While I haven’t gone all out norse ritual, I did do some rune work with them a while back, they’re extremely helpful and pretty friendly. I’m planning on evoking their Germanic essence soon too, to see what the difference is.

I work solely with the Norse Pantheon, and have for many years now. It is a cool place to look at with a LHP lense.

This isn’t true. She isn’t mentioned in Ragnarok, in fact, most of the Gods/esses aren’t mentioned. It is never stated that Hel joins in the fight, and it quite probable that she doesn’t. In the myths, she has very little to do with the Aesir or with human beings for that matter, other than greeting them when they’re dead. In my experience, she isn’t interested in life outside of Niflheim (where Helheim resides). She has her own kingdom, she deals with that. She is a Jotun in the true sense of the word, she’s resides outside the order of the gods and men, and really doesn’t give a rip about what happens inside of it. It is doubtful, my in my little opinion, that she left Niflheim to fight, and is still most likely Queen of the Dead after Ragnarok also. (I could go on for ages, so I’ll stop now.) :slight_smile:

That being said, it doesn’t mean she’s not interested in working with a person. My impression has always been it is sort of a passtime for her. But then, when you’re in charge of all the Dead throughout all time, a little piddly human being is just that.

As a worker with the Norse pantheon, I would give a warning not to believe everything you read on the Internet about them. There is a lot of made up stuff (mainly because of their being so little surviving information on them) and people will pass it as Truth. It may be their truth, but that doesn’t mean it is the Truth within in the Norse Cosmology. Just a heads up from an old crone. :wink:

Odin is my favorite god of any pantheon. He’s the god of war and poetry. I find this very cool. He’s also a god of outcasts and wanderers and I definetly am an outcast. I read a very interesting article that talked about Odin showing symptoms of depression in the Edda and other stories and through my experiences with him, this has checked out. To those who he feels a connection to, he shows a fatherly side. Stern but compassionate when he needs to be. Odin has given me several rituals (two for ascension and one for Baneful Magick) that I perform when I need to but I now speak to him or evoke him for guidance or advice. Thor comes in second because he is one of the kindest yet intimidating spirits that I have come into contact with. And powerful too. Freyja/Gulveig is also pretty great but I haven’t worked with her much.

I can’t say enough praise about Odin as his teachings have lead to me connect the runes to my waking reality in tangible ways.

There is enough evidence I’ve seen to suggest that these gods were once people who through years of veneration took on aspects of land spirits and eventually gods.

I personally venerate Odin as a literal blood relative and Allfather of my tribe/race, he truly is a god of song and sorcery :slight_smile:

Tyr is a lot like Thor in the respect that he will fight for you but he has his own style of combat and is less flashy.

Óðinn is wonderful. Lots of dedicated practitioners have already tried to describe working with him and I’m unlikely to do any better, essentially because more than most gods he is incredibly complex and brazenly defies overly simplified attempts at description. Indeed, one of his divine masques might well be called ‘apparent paradox’. He is both the frenzy of the warrior and the craft of the strategist, the terrible shout of the hunting horn and the carefully-placed words of the skald - and so much more.

I would say one of the most relevant things here is Óðinn’s peculiar blood connexion to the European (hell, Indo-European if we’re talking broad mythic archetypes) current of magick and spirituality, a very real and vital genetic and spiritual Inheritance.

What the original practices might have been like in heathenry’s elder heyday I cannot accurately say (and neither can historians, well-meaning reconstructionists, and certainly Asawiccans) - although I suspect that like many related systems, such as the Hellenic ones, there were both explicit outer forms and the implicit teachings of Mysteries - but I can speak with a clearer conscience about what Óðinn has intimated, to me anyway, of some of his priorities within our time, and I wonder how well (or poorly) this resonates with the others here who have worked with him extensively.

From my earliest intentionally-sought contact with Óðinn in his guise as Runemaster, he has always made it very clear that he was not seeking ‘worship’ or ‘obedience’ in the commonly religious sense of our contemporaries. Rather, he has done his utmost to encourage - in fact, insist upon as a condition of learning some of his later lessons - my taking charge of my own destiny, as my own God in the making. Nothing in Óðinn’s teaching (in my experience) has involved seeking a constant source of offerings, or a sense of dependency (obsession as is commonly reported with some of the more ‘dæmonic’ entities), and everything has involved learning to do for myself, to learn from his acquired knowledge but acquire the necessary wisdom myself. And a lot of that has involved sacrifice. Not out of moral necessity, but as a process of Growth.

And I could go on about Óðinn, as I’m sure many here could, but I’ll leave off before this turns any more into a small novel. I basically agree with everyone else here who has already enthused about how awesome he is!

I haven’t worked any with Þórr, I’m friendly disposed to him on principle but I agree with Orismen insofar as my preference of working with Týr is likely to be largely a matter of the two gods’ difference in ‘style’. As to Týr, though, I cannot praise him enough for his awesome capability and absolutely admirable honesty and honour. Truly a great role model, for anyone willing to seriously walk that path. Týr is the very quiet and very capable one that is all the more potent for his lack of bluster. I won’t diss Þórr at all (good heavens, wasn’t the Hárbarðsljóð enough?), but there is certainly a bit more of “the Tao” in Týr.

I can’t say I’ve worked extensively with Frigg or Freyja, only the most cursory ‘introduction’ to both of them to bring about a certain ‘balance’ connected with the Ár rune in an ongoing work for the mid-range future. Maybe I’ll have more to say on that much later, but I really don’t just now other than that they seem like lovely ladies thus far.

Finally, I am actually in a long-term pact with Hel (also Óðinn and some other ‘old gods’) and, unless she’s more popular than I’ve had reason to suspect, may have as close an ongoing journey with her as many people still living. Some of my work with this goddess (and I do personally consider her as such, even if like Hekate she belongs to an ‘outsider’ race compared to the ‘reigning pantheon’) will have to, as far as I can possibly imagine, remain secretive as far as the internet goes. But I should still have some quality stuff to share, and intend to here in the nearish future.

What I’ll say here is that, with respect to what I feel is Audsynn’s considerable knowledge, Hel may indeed be distant - but that does not uncaring make. In my (UPG, I have to add of course!) experience she is capable of being an incredibly caring and surprisingly ‘feminine’ (of the Venusian archetype, I mean) entity, truly a beautiful soul and - this is very important for anyone invested like me in the Black Sun current - Baldr’s keeper and caretaker during this time in our mythic history. Still, obviously, I would not fuck with her.

I hope some of that was helpful!

I have had the same experience. In fact, my experience is that Hel is more interested in individuals than in the groups. I was about the type “the grand scheme of things”, but that isn’t accurate. She isn’t interested in the little grand scheme of things, like if such and such country wins a war or something, but she is very interested in the GRAND scheme of things, the archetypal ‘demons contemplating the next 10,000 years’ kind of thing. But, I have noticed she is very interested in a person, you the practitioner as an individual.

I’ve also gotten the Venusian entity type vibe–it can border on the erotic, but it isn’t the same sort of erotic as a passion deity (and I agree with you, Claidheam, she is a goddess). Much of the Norse Lore describes her in the terms of a lover when a volva (a seeress) or another god/dess describes someone who is in her company. But the erotic feeling isn’t in your groin, it is more in your solar plexus. What’s y’all’s experience been with this? (You, too, Lover of Hel, chime in!)

this is very important for anyone invested like me in the Black Sun current - Baldr's keeper and caretaker during this time in our mythic history.

I had total light bulb moment when I read this, Claidheam! I never saw that correlation before–the Black Sun current equivalent in the Hel/Bladr relationship! It’s [i]so obvious now that you’ve said it, but I don’t think I ever would have thought of that on my own! Now I have some major thinking to do–where does Nanna fall into that current being Baldr’s wife? What about Hodr, especially being blind and the bright god’s twin? Does the twin aspect of Bladr and Hodr have anything to do with it? And how are you all getting the Norse characters to write out in these replies? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, she is very much a depth-strategist. There are some very almost norn-like tendencies in her reflections and extremely subtle insights, and I think this relates to how there were not only Capitalized Nornir, Valkyrjur, and Dísir but (sometimes) less famous ones attached not to a legendary spiritual court or grand cosmic function but to families, or even individuals. And Hel is indeed linked most closely with many such strands of Fate.

Holy fucking shit, yes, I would not have shared this on my own initiative but this matches my recorded experience exactly, although it was very confusing at first (‘can this possibly be right? is this play of energy fucking with my equilibrium so much because I screwed something up? what the hell?’). If you wish I can send you pictures of pages from my journals describing this (I like you already but I can’t yet justify sharing anything really juicy, out of all the entities I dedicatedly work with Hel has wished for the greatest degree of secrecy when it comes to actual (sex magick) practices), it’s nothing off the wall awesome but does exactly correspond to what you describe. I’m still floored that you said that!

I’m not going to dive off into the Baldr/Black Sun thing here, hopefully soon in a separate thread. But you’re clearly not ignorant, and I think the lightbulb has indeed come on and you’re well on your way to connecting the dots. Which should probably consist early on of a personal journey of personal discoveries, anyway!

Oh, and the eðs and þorns? I cheated by using my phone which will just spawn a menu of alternate characters when holding down on, for example, the d and t keys. See? Technology’s not -all- bad!

How could she not be? Almost all living things are attached to her eventually, simply because of who she is. But I love that thought, I can see her clearly in my mind’s eye, with thin strands, like cobwebs, draped about her shoulders. Poesy time!!

Poesy completed!

Encompassed in mist
heavy with the wet
of Gjoll’s churning waters,
She draws her hand to her ear
as if to hear.
The dew ushers forth
like cobwebs
on her fingers
draping her shoulder.
The half of her visage,
shining with infernal light,
lips red like blood,
“All is connected,” she says.
do you think the thread goes,
once Skuld has it cut?”