Thoughts on Pathworking


I have been thinking about pathworking as I am currently on a pathworking right now. I initially thought that I would spend only a month with Belial and then a few weeks internalizing what he taught me.

That was in late July. Thing is King Belial has done more than just teach me he has opened a ton of doors for me. Without Belial I would never had been introduced to Hekate. And those who read that thread saw that in finding Hekate, I found a part of myself. With help from Belial I felt like I finally came of age as a magician. I am still new at this but I no longer feel like a newb.

I came to believe that I am the path that I walk. As so pathworking is not really a way to grab power outside of myself as much as it is a way to get some outside help in discovering what power lays dormant and asleep in me. It just put a new perspective on life and magic for me and stressed the need for internal work as the road to true gnosis and power.

Just a thought, who knows maybe I am just going crazy. (It has been known to happen)

Stay frosty BALG,

I agree, the purpose is to know thyself, every spirit has something they can teach you even if its not to do that again you came away wiser than before.

As soon as everything settles down and I’m not driving 200 miles every other day I’m going to start my work with Belial, I’m looking forward to it but dreading it as well. I’m ready to face that part of myself that’s been avoiding him for so long and to see what changes come from it. I plan to make a thread documenting my methods and results if any that come from it.

Belial has been my biggest fear and my most anticipated working at the same time.I know deep down that there are many things that are dark about my past and present that Belial will make me face.
Even though change can be rough in cases like mine it’s needed.
And a cocky don’t giva fuck demonic king is what I need to kick my ass in gear.

Belial is harsh, but awesome. If you can take it (and I know you can cause you are here) there will be a great deal of new doors that open up for you, both on the physical and astral planes.

I spent about 2 weeks researching Belial, scrying his sigil, and talking to others about him. About a week before the first evocation I was hit with a wall of dread. It was tough to get through it but I think that is his first “test” if you will. Don’t back down from Belial show him the same respect you would show a rival king and stand your ground. He will become a powerful ally.

Just to add on to Orismen’s words since I have a partial possession by Belial persisting into its third month now. To me, it seems Belial will only move when you are able to move. I can feel that the barrier between my consciousness and that of Belial that I harbor in myself fading so I even have thought patterns that greatly differ from what I previously have.

But at the same time, it seems Belial’s presence excites that which had been left undisturbed. In some way or another, I daresay the amount of human conflict I had been experiencing has increased overall. I do not link this solely to Belial but it is funny to note.

Belial? Lol.