Thoughts on humanity

What are your thoughts on humanity? Is it something that can be lost? If so what happens when you lose it? Do you believe in the saying when you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back?

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Humans need to abandon dogma and embrace truth.
Religion is the main source for all conflict.
Although we should not let the barbarians through the gates.
Defend what is yours and spread truth.
I’m fairly new to black majick but even I understand these concepts.


They’re not something I advertise. Honestly. Look at what they’ve done.


Well you stop putting labels before all else. You stop being an egomaniac. (think of the kind of people that tell you to burn patchouli for success but you’ve been practicing for years while they just started. I mean that kind of egomania and worse.) Many things happen.

Honestly? I advertise gods or whatever people try to become these days. Not whiny humans that can’t control themselves.


Might is right. Laws were given to the sheep of humanity from the start. Religion is other form of control.

Logic. Pure logic is ruthless. Toss everything holy you hold dear into the flames of harsh reality. The universe is endless warfare.

Courage is called forth to purge this version of humanity to save it from itself. Hail the new coming god kings!


We have hope, some of us at least.

Yes but that depends on you.

I can’t answer that.

Yes, Magick changes a person for better or for worse. Mostly for better.

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I agree with you, we do have hope.if someone is negative, there is someone who is positive…it’s a balance of scales Ying and Yang…a hurricane is a swirling mass of chaos, destruction…yet at the center it is calm and quiet…

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Who are these new god kings?

Humanity seems hopeless for the most part, but it’s the kind of hopelessness that merits strong delusion or else it will each you live.

The problem with humans is we will take until there’s nothing left. Other than that, we’re generally decent… but even then, human nature prevails at the end of the day. 80% of our problems in life will come from other humans.

So who are these new god kings purple? X


Dude, don’t fucking worry about it.

You can’t change humanity, but you can manipulate the masses’ mental sicknesses, fears, phobias and stupidities. That’s what I do. Humans are dime a dozen on the hoof. They’re not endangered. Don’t get hung up on taking victims out. It’s truly liberating!


Humanity is type of consciousness and, however impressive ( :slight_smile: or unimpressive :slight_smile: ) it may seem to us, it is an infinitesimally small part of The Infinite. In fact, humanity as we know it today–with all the science and history, futuristic scenarios etc–is an infinitesimally small part of the Infinite Humanity.

Can it be lost? In a relative sense, yes. All states of consciousness exist including those in which humans, as we understand it, are history, i.e. extinct. We are the history of some other present. However, all states are eternal as well, so nothing is truly lost either. This is not easily understood or expressed ( :slight_smile: this is why a lot of “gurus” eventually revert to silence :slight_smile: ) by finite consciousness.

Yes, the abyss is an aspect of your consciousness. If you stare into it, it will stare back at you. There is only consciousness.

I do worry