Thoughts on combining the Old ones with the faces of Marduk

I did the calling from Scorpio’s The Book of the Old ones (an LBRP based on the Old ones) and then called upon Zahrim, one of the faces of Marduk, using his word of power. But then it struck me that Marduk defeated Tiamat, one of the Old ones, so maybe he doesn’t like to be mixed up with them. Thoughts?

There is so much potential in the Old ones and I just LOVE their energies - so different from the demonics, so fresh and strong. Just calling Nyarlathotep had his energies in my aura for a week, and Hastur’s energies still hasn’t left me. Calling upon the servitors of Nyarlathotep felt like beach balls pressing hard against my head until I sent them off on their mission.
There is definitively a need for more research on these guys.


Indeed the idea behind would be that they have a problem with eachother but from the blood of Tiamat was created this reality. This powerful act of creation would not have been possible without Marduk. Therefore Tiamat lives forever. Of course this is possible because of Marduk which indeed is the proof that Marduk is compatible with the Old Ones. So the Lbpr the one you did is totally legit. Very interesting is the call of Zahrim that way. So totally creative! Awesome!!! :clinking_glasses: