Thoughts on Buer

What is Buer’s meaning. What is he? What does his form represent to you?

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I started thinking of him like a “devil” with humanoid wheel form, just as in the Louis Breton portrayal I saw many years ago. Later, I adopted more correct magical point of views: he is an intelligence, an entity or a force…
Interestingly, an author called it “the sea star” and once, trying to contact Buer with automatic writing, he told me that I was going to meet him on a beach. I don’t know how to interpret that, but I really expected to see Buer rolling on the sand and chat with him in my next vacation.

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I’m pretty sure he teaches about herbs and healing

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Like a big sleek tall man in a golden white robe, not effete but with a slightly feminine overlay, very compasisonate and caring, hates to see people suffer.

I would recommend him for anyone with auto-immune problems, where the body is at war with itself, Marbas is also a great spirit but Buer has a more soothing touch, I’ve found. very likeable and can work very fast, especially when summoned from a place of pure giving to assist someone else.


I find Buer as an Ascension entity, truly loving and dedicated to bring healing and peace. A real wonderful protective being.