Thoughts on banishing

How does everyone feel about banishing/clearing? How often do you do it and by what methods? Etc.

I regularly invoke spirits and occasionally evoke. I talk to them constantly also, but I never banish anything. Ive tried and have experimented with it but always was less than impressed with the results. Usually I can just tell something to fuck off or get rid of it myself and in those situations when I cant myself I call another spirit to do it. Never do my thoughts stray to banishing or clearing.

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Personally I have used my bond with another to banish, I find normally if I ask them to leave they do, I have to be firm and usually warn I will call on another if they are stubborn,

I do feel you have to be quite confident within and stand your ground.
I guess It depends on the level and path your working with/on.
if I do have issues I will cleanse myself and space around me, with white sage/palo santo and cleansing baths.
I do however cleanse all magical items/tools every new moon.

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