Thoughts on an "Astral Temple"

Good afternoon BALG forum, today i’m interested in what you guys think about creating an “Astral temple”. I remember reading about it on JoS(I don’t like them), that if you can’t afford and or don’t have space to have your on altar or temple, you can create your own “Astral” Temple.

Is there anyone else here who is knowledgeable on this? What are the thoughts of more experienced magicians here?

I have an etheric temple since currently I cannot have a physical one, so I don’t see an issue with an astral temple either. Though a temple made on the energetic layer of the physical works too.


Astral temples are very common for magicians, and highly recommended.

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Good to know. So how would one go about creating them? Is astral projection necessary? Or I’ve heard that you visualize it during a trance.

An astral temple is generally created by visualisation while in trance, yes. Full projection is not required.

It does require consistent repetition to build though because the astral is always in flux so you have to visit it again and again before it will remain solid in your mind and not change around on you.

The good thing about an astral temple is it is not as limited as a physical space so you can have blazing circles of fire, and a roof of stars and galaxies, and whatever else your imagination can cook up. Evocation is also much easier because the spirit doesn’t have to descend as far, the astral being a middle ground between the physical and higher planes, so they come readily when called.


Nice, thanks for sharing!

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A while ago I thought that, if one wants to put an elemental landscape on the outside, there may be “middle grounds”: perhaps a desert (corresponding to Fire) then an oasis which develops in a proper watery place, maybe a swamp followed by a forest or cavern (Earth) and so on. Not necessary but it’s one of the possibilities.

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