Thoughts Ford's Dragon of the two flames?

So my Magick with Damon Brands books is going quite well all things considered. I haven’t been able to stick to a series of rituals but it’s still working better than I could ever hope for.

My rituals of success Magick is quite sporadic but it’s still going well.

But my internal world hasn’t been doing well. I have been presented with opportunities but my mental chaos due to ADHD and depression even after with meds seems to hold me back. And the gallery of Magick style rituals aren’t working well with this. Granted I haven’t tried all of their books.

So I went back to books like Michael Ford’s Dragon of the two flames and such.

What I’m seeking is internal, overcoming my stress and depression and mental chaos to focus on the things that I need to do.

I’m thinking of using that book but it’s written in a way that’s completely all over the place. Can somebody please give me some guidelines or something to perform rituals to do inner alchemy? Particularly I’m thinking about not using any of the props besides the drawings that I’m gonna print out and put them in a frame and chant the invocations etc. Or if Dragon of two flames isn’t a good choice can somebody recommend me some books to achieve my objective?

Thanks :pray: