Thoughtforms - servitors

Occult practitioners are very creative imaginative people, any of you have been working on building up a servitor familiar from years? How is it like? The invisible friends children have are suppose to be these ones.

I constructed one of these when I was new-ish to the occult. I had some pretty good results using it, I had just started a new career and I was able to generate a good client base in a very short time (when compared with other graduates I was in contact with) how ever after about 6 months of use I got caught up in enjoying material pleasures (mostly women and drugs) and forgot to maintain it. Although without its influence I did see a slight drop in my numbers I was established enough that i wasn’t to concerned so destroyed it.
At this stage I wasn’t able to evoke so never had any real interaction with it, but one of the girls I was seeing would refuse to go near the shelf where it was being kept if I had recently “fed” it, although she was unaware of its existence otherwise.

More recently I had thought about creating another but at this stage I am yet to find a function that I wouldn’t better evoking an existing entity for.

Servitors from what i have read are very dangerous. They fed, they grow, just like you said, people tend to forget what they create once they see no use for it. Then comes the problems! Be aware before you do such as a servitor, it may be useful but you should never forget to destroy it, because as i am aware, some of the most powerful spirits out there were once servitors. They were created with a purpose, once they were not needed for that purpose anymore and weren’t cared for, they started acting on their own, they always do, unless they are destroyed, if they are not…

Actually I have 2 main servitors, theyre mostly comical and family guardians. By now they doing quite well their job. I used the method of Basil Lacroix of developing a background/story for each of them (The Darkside of the Moon, Basil Lacroix).

I feel they quite strong as I recall’em very often daily