Thoughtform keeps duplicating itself before being destroyed

I’m having trouble with a thoughtform that I suspect was created when I was being tortured some years ago by enemy sorcerers. It seems to have been born out of my hatred and massive desire for revenge at the time. I’ve since moved on from that, and am past the need for revenge.

I exorcised and had it destroyed last night for the third time because it’s been possessing me and trying to make my life an absolute misery. It’s also addicted to the energy/vibe of murder and revenge.

It replicated itself the first time. Then it “created a baby” the second time. This time, it seems to have duplicated itself and managed to keep it quiet until like an hour ago when it revealed itself to me. It did curse me before it was exorcised.

Please don’t ask for details, I’m experienced enough to know what I’m dealing with - I’m just having trouble getting rid of it once and for all.

How to kill it, period without it replicating itself?

Btw, I didn’t reanimate it through thought. Most of the time today, I’ve had my mind elsewhere.

Thoughtforms feed on attention, the attention you give it is the power you give it to do this. Starve it into an oblivion.

Also your mind being elsewhere doesn’t mean you didn’t bring it back through thought, our minds think of multiple things simultaneously in varying degrees, you could have a thought that you’re very much aware of but in the back of your mind on a subtle level you could be thinking of other things.

Thoughtforms aren’t “living” beings so only way it can resurface is from your thoughts or someone else’s that knows about/contributed to its ‘creation’

I’m actually hyper aware of thoughts that go through my mind. I trained myself to be this way for my own protection.

The only thing that could have caused this would be that the whole situation with it is still very much active in my vibration. That’s because it’s been ongoing for quite some time and has been very traumatic for me.

I have a possible solution. I’ve decided to confront it within exorcism.

I understanding what your saying, but wouldn’t it be possible to program one, that when destroyed would actually create more of itself? I mean sounds like a good movie theory at least, or a video game mob scenario but… just seems like it could be intentionally programed that way in order to make it more of a nuisance.

:smiling_imp:idk sounds like something fun to play with, but obviously there would have to be a way to get rid of it all together, but I’m not sure what that would be.

If by some mishap of unluck, this thoughtform does reproduce upon its death, maybe you could overthrow its ownership and send it back to the one who made it. Or maybe it can be sent to an enemy of yours. Seems like I read once that thoughtforms could be… influenced by a better food source, why not try giving it one?

Thoughtforms aren’t usually programmed, servitor constructs however are. I think mainly because thoughtforms are within your own mentalscape until they are “solid” enough to enter the astral/mental plane in which case it’s probable :thinking: though odd as thought would bring it back, but there are people who give their thoughtforms the ability to multiple so you again do make a good point lol

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Ah well. Somehow I was thinking a thoughtform essentially ended up being a servitor if you sent it to someone, and he/she/it mentioned another magician, so I jumped a few hoops and was like oh … maybe…

Lol thanks. Your always pretty good at clarifying things where I muddle them up.