Thought Process of successful magicians!

What do your emotions, feelings and thoughts need to be like while doing a spell and after for the best results?

Concerning for example the goal, the magician imagine it as already achieved, present, and feels all the related emotions to the point of exhausting them. This creates a bridge to the time after the spell, when it’s important to basically forget about it.

Its language . your brain is the transmission, your body the vehicle, your words the gears. Tell your mind what to do. Show your mind through its language what to do. Start with a word. Then an image . Then examine your emotion and why you react that way. Is it fear? Then you doubt your ability to manifest the desire. Is it confidence? Then it will be so.

A useful tool is to always end your command with the same term. I say “this is my will, so be it” and so it is.