THought of Toth

Well, unless you try it out,
you won’t know it.




I admit, my astral travelling skills are not good, especially when i started this. Upon opening the sigil and sleeping with it routinely for a little while, i can confirm that from the very first night, I was taken to be taught. And though the travels were not necessarily lucid, the lessons were engaging, FUN, and stuck in a way that defies normal logistic comprehension. As though the teachings are embedded deep in the mind and you utilize them via necessity.


in case it’s overlook otherwise:


in representative function,
for Thoth.

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Ahh Djehuti-I had interacted with him briefly back in November 2018. Very much a teacher who gives you not the answer to the question, but rather the how you can solve the question


Around the 14 minute mark,
he’s explaining,
how from drawing an item,
it developed into the Mandarin Symbol,

which for me,
alignes a lot with Numinosis,
as one of the key functions of Numinosis,
is to learn understanding symbols,
not just by the meaning that social norms and school education teach,
but rather,
finding those symbols in other forms,
adapting them,
and learning to read symbols,
where to a normal mind there aren’t any.

(Proto-Language, if you want to see it that way.=)




I think Training in Numinosis will most likely,
be going best with the Library of Babel.

Propably going to be the guys who’ll benefit most of it.




Toth just showed me this.

He said,
he’s been crafting a magickal being,
for us,
to make the transition from his knowledge towards us easier.

He says,
her name is Ashmitaya.

Not completely sure if this here belongs to it.

He says very clearly,
her name is Ashmitaya,
not Ashitaya.

From another Topic:

Special Attention to:


As SHaDoWSToRM696 was so nice,
to share his Crafted Sigil of Toth initiation into Numinosis.

And he did a perfect job there!!!

This is exactly,
what that Rune should look like.

Enjoy using it.

And Credit towards SHaDoWSToRM696, for sharing it with us. :blush:




Toth sigil requested to be uploaded by @Yberion

Thank you Brother!

Great Work there!!!



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Thank you brother.
Your welcome.

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Does anyone have any advice for a beginner who has thus far been unable to reach toth. I have activated his sigil and asked him for assistance in astrial travel, which I have been attempting to do for a while now. Right when I think I am about to get there I fall asleep. I know he is open to teaching which is really all I want. Any advice appreciated. Thank you.



He’s not gonna teach you all in one minute you know?

You’re getting there.

Take your time.

Just because you don’t see him,
doesn’t mean he doesn’t see you.

Maybe this helps you get the heck of it.

And benefiting your work,
there’s been tons of work done,
for you,

It’s up to you,
to realize that.



Holy Shit.
That was fast…

This theorizes about Numinosis,
and it being applied Scientifically.

Not really something i had asked for,
or supported.

But it seems,
some changes go along with each other.

thankfully i keep an eye on those things.




The difference,
between handwritten,
and keyboard written information.

In retrospective towards brain activation.



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Thoth blesses us with more knowledge



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I’m going to check it out now!

You can actually see that in pretty much all digital vs non digital actions. The problem is that I still use digital actions since they’re easier XDD.

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Alright, I watched 30 minutes and the guy is wrong in every way…
Thoth had sided with Enki to save humans and they both hated Nagas. Also, Thoth refused to enter the halls of Amenti and become a god, because he wanted to bring with him to godhood as many humans as he could. And, Mu was sunk before Atlantis by Enlil, not by Thoth. Thoth was then Ningishzidda, son of Enki.

I don’t think he wants to offend Thoth, I just think he lost some clues on his way to a conclusion and he’s now talking about false things. For example, during the Mu incident, Enki tried to warn for the flood. And also, both Enki and Ningishzidda, are not repltilian beings.

As for the pyramids and stuff, Thoth did build them, to protect Earth, not to change the energies… I’ve connected with some of these buildings and I have accesed higher planes (such as the actual halls of Amenti!). Though, the being that currently control these buildings are altering the buildings’ energies and thus, the shield works better for them (if that makes sense).

As for how humans fell. Thoth did make it happen, he had to take a decission. We would become one with the nagas or even worse, be forever corrupt like them, or we would fall, but we could try again another time. He chose the second and we can feel because of that decission. He does feel regret for that happening though. He says that he wanted to choose something less bad, but the choices were very limited. He blames himself for not paying enough attention while he was king of Atlantis, but I do understand him… I mean, if I was living in a perfect era, I wouldn’t think that something would go wrong right then and there, with no warning…

I’m not saying everything the guy’s saying is wrong. Actually, change the name “Thoth” to someone else more able for something like that and we’re settled! Maybe Marduk? He’s done stuff…


This is actually a really cool video with great explanation. The ancient texts were translated a lot after Sitchin, so this is just what the ancients were saying: - YouTube

You’ll hear there about Ningishzidda/Thoth too. Also I should note that after humans left eden, Enki helped them make Mu and the great flood destroyed Mu (probably).


Then you know,
who must be speaking,
for those words to come out of his mouth.

in regards to the “reptilian” claim.

I’m currently at 3:31:06, and he just proudly called himself a dragon in human form.

There are sects,
that see Reptilians everywhere.

But then when you look deeper,
they normally don’t understand what they’re talking about.

are Reptile genetically.

And he speaks of having read his own DNA through magick (some form of divination i guess,
because he clearly warns people against having redular DNA readings.)

yaah well.

he’s pretty upfront about him being in contradiction to normal records,
and to also be on a personal rampage.

and that’s the big butt;
He’s selling his stuff,
and teaching people.

He’s stirring shit.

He’s a Warmonger,
and if you take it for face value,
or not.

He sounds a lot,
like bringing about another war,
is just in his interest.

So when you find time,
try to listen to more then just the first 30 minutes.

Because there’s going to be minions,
who’ve sucked up his version,
and try to overthrow, or debate,
and seek the confrontation,
a few years down the road.

you know.

Just like Balg is an upfront for the Golden Dawn for example.

So having an eye on this can’t hurt.



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I mean, yes.

I can’t agree more there!

Yeah, and not all dragons nor all reptilians are bad. Actually, most draconian beings aren’t even hostile. Mostly nagas are, which are spiritual draconian beings, if that makes any sense.

But you’re right. I do plan on listening to the rest of it. As I said, if you change the names, these things could have been something that happened. Not sure, but I’ll listen to him and hear just what he has to say. As you said, he’s selling his stuff well and we should know more, just to make sure… The last thing we want is someone to make people turn against the wrong beings (our allies)…