Greetings,i’ve been wondering what’s the best way to establish a relationship with Thoth and to start working with him.I remember posting about entities that help in studies,well i’ve a major exam coming up in a week and a half,i can’t screw this one up.I’m willing to put in the work,just that i feel pretty discouraged.

Reading the Emerald Tables helped me to be more aware of his influence in my life, but actually he’s a spirit that have been with me since I was a child, so I didnt estabilished a connection at all as it was already there.

Maybe a liyyle ritual could help you, collect some info and imagery and ope a gateway to his realm.

It’s great that you’re putting in the work! There’s a load of info about him from archeological sources online, even Wikipedia, and you could try doing a small offering of maybe a candle or tealight, wine or water, flowers or whatever - gods like to be treated with respect and even love (or at least trusting affection) and setting up a small altar to him might help with that.

He’s been in my life a long time and he’s an excellent being to work with, and I wish you both every success! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the helpful info,really appreciate it. Currently,I do not have an altar that’s set up to Thoth but I’ll o it once the exams are over.For the moment I plan to do an invocation of Thoth,but is it respectful to do so without an altar ? and for the oration,should I write my own or pick off one from the net ? For the invocation,I plan to offer a white candle,incense and flowers.I have printed his image. I’m sorry if there are too many questions,but Thoth is the first god that I’m working with and the last thing I want is to screw it up at the beginning.

I had a look round the internet and found these links, they’re based on Kemetic reconstructionsts’ ideas of the best way to honour their gods - if they’re anything like heathen recons., they’ll have done their homework into the written and archeological evidence:

If you google “kemetic shrine” you should be able to find a lot more discussion, ideas, and images of people’s own home shrines that might give you some ideas - good luck. :slight_smile: