Thor the God of Thunder

Is there anyone who has experienced any form of communication with Thor?

What is Thor like outside of media and stories. Please share.



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He’s my patron God, so I work with him a lot.
He’s very funny, has a dry sense of humour. But he’s also very protective over mankind, and loyal to those who follow him. He helped me through a tough time in my life, didn’t ask for anything in return.
He absolutely loves mead, so use that as a thank you for anything you ask. It’s not necessary though. He does things because he likes helping us.


I’ve gotten in a couple brawls with him. Massive being, he is. But he and I have a respect for one another.

Hes very old fashioned I’ve found. But, hes very kind.


Thank you

Thor is really good to work with in Weather Magic, making storms, strong wind, thunder, rain. Thor can help you to become a powerful storm to obliterate obstacles in your life. Just like a ritual knife / athame is used in rituals often, it is good to use / direct a hammer like construction hammer when working with Thor. He can help in all kinds of areas of life from working out, being healthy, to destroying your enemies. Hammer of Thor helps to break through barriers, break through blockages. Thor can help move and lift that what is heavy. Thor can help you be more assertive and aggressive if you need to be that way. Thor can make rain for you to stand under to purify yourself of negative energy. Storms of Thor can destroy bad energy that is sent against you, if Thor agrees to do so.


Thor No!
Odin Yes!
But no, i dont like him, i dont know why he alwaya mess with me, he creates trouble always

Yes! Super powerful. Honestly, the first time I truly made contact with him he filled the entire room with his body. He was like a giant. His energy was heavy and intense. At one point in time he reached inside of me and it was like he was pulling my soul or my astral body out. Right when he did that all I could see was fire and light. My body started vibrating and the longest, loudest, droning bass dropped in my ears. Total paralysis while sitting on my knees in the upright position. Felt like I was getting possessed and I thought I was going to die. Ended up breaking state because I’d never experienced anything like that before and panicked. :roll_eyes: But after the ritual I realized that I was going through the stages of astral projection except I was in a “waking position” and was about to project within a few seconds. I’ve heard of mystics being able to astral project in this way but I’ve just never experienced it. Normally I project from lucid dreaming. So I don’t usually go through all these stages the same way as others would. Despite the intensity of this experience I never once felt like Thor was trying to hurt me. He was just doing what I asked but under the circumstances had totally forgotten that I requested to meet him face to face. He really is an awesome god. Very friendly and protective.