This might help some newbies

A few months ago a friend of a friend contacted me asking for help because her spells were not working at all so I gave her some general guidance and didn’t hear from her until 3 weeks ago that she contacted me again telling me nothing is working for her so I did a quick scan of her astral body and realized that her right energy channel is blocked which means she will not be emanating enough life force or chi compared to how much she is absorbing which is like breathing in and holding your breath forever.
Another thing I picked up was that she worried too much about NOT THINKING about the spells and as a result of that she would latch unto whatever she casts and not release it so I gave her some exercises to overcome these blockages and told her to cast a money spell and it’s ok if she thinks about it and today she contacted me telling me she got a promotion at her work and is now earning more.

So there you go

Remember that you might be far more powerful than you could ever imagine and you’re simply being held back by such minor blockages and also remember that at the end of the day what matters is manifesting your desires not overthinking the magick.



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These exercises could be helpful to others in the same situation. Care to share?


Look at your root chakra and visualize your ida and pingala energy channels(search google if you need visual descriptions) see ida which is the left channel as blue colored and pingala which is the right channel as red colored and follow them all the way up to the crown chakra then come back down to your nose and see that your ida comes out of your left nostril and your pingala out of the right one.

Imagine as they come out of your nostrils and the start growing heads that are like their very own chakras(the heads are the chakras)
Now open up these chakras.

Imagine ida taking energy into your whole being including each and every one of the chakras and pingala pushing the same energy out

Cover your right nostril and breath in through the left one while still visualizing that ida is absorbing energy and then cover your left nostril and breath out through the right channel while visualizing pingala giving out energy.

Of course I had her work on pingala only as it was the one which was out of balance for her so the exercise above is for individuals with balanced chakras and overall balanced energy system which means you should first scan your energy body or ask your spirits to show you which of your channels need balancing so for example your ida might be absorbing too much while your pingala is emanating as much as it should and in that case you should work on balancing ida not pingala so keep working on balancing both then do the above exercise everyday to make sure they both remain balanced

And for overcoming your subconscious blockages regarding your spells simply focus on your fears and face them.
In her case she kept worrying about what if I keep lusting and the results don’t come ?
So I had her keep affirming to herself that the results will come even if she thinks about them and then just keep doing what you’re afraid of which is lusting after results until you’re not afraid anymore but of course this should be done for the sake of practicing and in reality you shouldn’t lust after results.