This may seem like a silly question, but is the world about to end?

I know its silly to think that we are at the end of days but it does seem like something terrible is looming right over the horizon. We have a huge pandemic, the US economy is falling apart, there are riots in the streets, China and India are having border skirmishes. Just seems like theres something terrible about to happen.


Maybe the world as we know it but that happens every few eras. The world is just fine and not ending in the literal sense.


Yeah I think that’s a good way to put it, what about this terrible event that’s over the horizon?

No different then the other events that happens, this isn’t the first time the corona virus had an outbreak, this isn’t the first time people have rioted for a cause (atleast a few riot)

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I do believe the egregores are shifting and a major transition is en route. What exactly that is remains to be seen.

The lessons learned from recent events though… man…tough pills for the masses to swallow.


I believe it is the end of an era.


The physical world: no, as its existence does not revolve around us. I believe that ours revolves it, as we tend to build systems that mimic others that have emerged in other species, but that is a personal belief.

The social systems we have created during our time on this world: very possible, but only time will tell. We could be watching the end of an era, as mentioned by others.


Ive wondered myself so I did 2 tarot readings. I use the Crowley Thoth deck and on both I drew the two of disks.



Also all my past human lives tend to be before the end of different eras for some reason.


I don’t think so

No it’s not going to end. Humans survived the Spanish flu and WW2 and other rather unpleasant events. Though these recent events are showing us that many humans are ignorant at least in my country. Economies rise and fall, the US reminds me of Rome and the British Empire, one day it’s Sun will set and a new nation will take the spotlight. India and China won’t go to a full fledged war at least not yet. Too much at stake.

I agree with change though. Maybe humans have ignored their transformation work so the Universe decided to coerce us into it. Also so many people wanted off time from work or school and since they weren’t specific enough well…

Let’s look at these events as cycles.


Perhaps you come to aid and heal, much like myself.

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well, we’ve seen plague and violence in the first 2 quarters. China is warning against a really bad swine flu. If you see food-related crisis in the 3rd quarter of 2020, then maybe expect Death in the 4th quarter as well.

restock your pantry I guess?

Just what is known as third density (current physical reality):

You probably feel this way because this time it’s hitting big highly powerful countries ! Otherwise for poor third world countries it’s been a normal way of life :frowning:


Contrary to most of you people, I say a definite YES. I’m sensing it constantly. I stated it somewhere else here. Apocalypse is coming, better prepare. You may not agree with me , I could elaborate on this , but to offer just one argument: Arts are coming to an end, everything has been already discovered. The limits are reached.

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It is just the end of this paradigm. We are shifting into a new reality. We are experiencing growing pains is all. As a species we have survived FAR worse throughout history then this Covid-19 and everything else that is occuring atm.

The world is burning but after the fires are extinguished the bullshit will will be transparent and transformed. We will be built anew.

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Could this be it?

I heard that indeed our planet is moving slowly away from the sun and that could cause us to brake from the sun’s orbit and we could get pull by Jupiter gravitational pull or we could become a rogue planet freezing in space with out the sun heat and we would have to be dodging others planets and moons and asteroids.