This is misinformed and offensive

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I think she sees this and just laughs,whoever made this article is obviously an ignorant fool and his words mean nothing,they will only influence people that can’t be saved,everyone who knows Her will know that this guy is misinformed lol

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First the Christian Crusades against Islam and now they’ve got to find some reason for drug wars - oh yes, let’s tie it in to an old religion just to make it even more salacious and sensationalist.

Just look at the guy, looks like he’s been standing a bit too close to the gov’ts drug disposal fires and breathing in the smoke and fumes.




He looks like his Mom took some of the drugs he was mentioning when he was in utero.


I don’t understand how you guys would think this is offensive to a saint, especially a saint of death. I mean, humans use different names for the same thing just as much as they use the same names for different things.

‘Criminal Santa Meurte’ is an interpretation that exists, so it’s not as if this is a bullshit perspective or anything. In fact, having read the link, it seems like a female version of the Xipe Totec pattern.

Saying ‘oh this guy is offensive so he doesn’t know what he’s talking about’ is bollocks! Stop letting your egos talk; even if you think it is fictitious, you have no idea who told the story first or what energy formed it.

The god he’s writing about sounds like quite a monster. Candlelight decapitations and skin offerings are VERY Aztec.