This is all scary af

Yes. You do know that the human energetic body is very profitable. Also, if you peruse various ‘negative’ astral travel, DMT, etc., threads, you’ll notice that we are in an ‘ecosystem’. At the bottom. Earths are farms. Humanity is the cattle.

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Most humans (not all) have the false sense that they are the “top” of the food chain and the “center” of all creation which I disagree with. Earth to me seems more like a place to learn, and make mistakes.

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I have a dim view on DMT… personal but still, astral travel can be positive or negative given the individual experience.

It is many things. Your being here in this kind of forum shows that you are interested in being more than what is seen at face value.

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I’m here mostly because some not all of the information/opinions on this forum correspond with my own.

I am a person who likes to make my own way (not follow/worship neither “light” or “dark” entities). I tend to believe in what I experience, or what seems to make sense or feel right to my gut/intuition.

Also just because of my own experiences that don’t quite fit normal standards I guess? @EnemyofFire


Yes. It’s your own experience. Good to know oneself. Invaluable.

I have noted that my experiences have some very unique qualifiers (nicer way of saying problems/challenges, etc, lol) and that we all have a ‘path’, and though many have similarities, all are different.
I took some pretty ugly hits, but I made it through my ‘event’. Not to engender sympathies or a sense of superiority, but to state, yes, I paid for what I experienced, and I have earned the right to believe in myself, and that my actions are justified.
My Hope is that others do well on their path. That it will give mankind a boost where it will be effective.

well said

very well said and makes perfect sense. always love your input

Read the old testament for starters. I serve, work with Lucifer. Used to be Christian, inclination is naturally to Atheism, but I see no reason why you couldn’t put Yaweh to good use in magick. Do u wish to stay Catholic? Do u wish to walk RHP or LHP…Do u wish to deal with the infernal, angelic, both, maybe even toss in other spirits from other cultures?

He was a Caaninite God before becoming a Hebrew one. Were u Catholic by choice?

I for one was miderable as a Christian, but so long as they arent on my lawn with pitchforks holding torches shouting burn the witch, let em do what they want.

First off, to hell with everyone just slamming Christianity, or Yaweh. I don’t work with him, I feel nothing for him personally. Many will embrace Satanism sometimes to revolt against a trash Christian upbringing, abuse, and it works for them…but to truly sever the chord with Yaweh is to have no emotional resonance to him, anymore than some other god one doesnt deal with…Most use it as Christianity in reverse.

You may want to try asking an angel if the demons won’t connect…maybe the lhp aint for u and the RHP is. My idea is that u may want to approach him as a god of war and the forge…Those two things in and of themselves could to a degree make u a left hand practitioner who follows Yaweh (whom from the standpoint of being a god of the forge ( weapons) wouldn’t be “Right” but only considered such because its predominant in the West…How u approach it neednt be right or conventional…

Im no advocate of Yaweh…BUT the devil deserves it’s due…It’s easy to assume ur psychic sense arent developed but how the f would we know???Maybe u just dont vibe with demons…Maybe the Djinn or another system of beings altogether may get u info…

Find what works for u, use it and if its meant for u to wield it, ull get results.

I love that. Damnation will set you free!


Actually, every living thing is at the centre of their creation. Humans are the most obvious because we are born creators. In the act of creating, we make mistakes, and at some point we learn from our mistakes. But the real purpose of making mistakes and not having things go our way is it causes us to expand, our desires become more. That’s the real reason we’re on Earth. It’s why there is improvement each time a new generation is born. Only the resistant ones see it as a worsening of things, from their perspective.

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And before that, he was born from the first man’s disconnection from himself. Then he gained power over the millenia.

He is not a good being, and will absolutely thrash you the moment you make a conscious decision to become a living god. He doesn’t like losing followers, and therefore power.

What I’ve just said, in particular the last paragraph, is not theory. :wink: I came to know this through direct experience.

To truly sever the cord with Yahweh is to become free, to become a real living god, in the sense that is meant here. It is to elevate yourself to levels only possible when you are not enslaved to Yahweh, the Archons, and the agents that serve them.

He’s not as powerful as u make him out to be. My faith when i was christian often bordered on atheism. Nothing came kicking and screaming after I made my soul pact with Lucifer…Nothing but my own lack of knowledge or advancement, and self control has hindered me.

It’s like a god one cant put a face to, and prayer becomes ritual. Following not sining is just another set of rules, although very self destructive ones…He seemed parasitic to me, but to magickians on the RHP, he’s an extremely useful entity construct…as are his angels/archon…(archon seems more Gnostic to me) . 1 lost sould is nothing to their feast, because there are still many to feed from, and the time will come when he will starve, as the “fallen” gods and goddesses of forgotten practices…

I didn’t say he was powerful. In fact, he’s a weakling bully.

You need to do a lot more than making a pact with Lucifer to get Yahweh’s attention. You need to break all 10 commandments, which is what I did - several times.

I just now saw this thread and wow I wish I have seen this when I first started :joy: It’s an old thread but a lot does make sense.

I didn’t have any knowledge of any LHP books when I first started :thinking: In fact a lot of it either game from instinct or simply was directed my way. Everyone on here has good idea on what maybe going on. But here is my point of view.

Yahweh is not God. Yahweh is a god but not THE source of everything we see. At one time everyone had their doings. Everyone had their cult and followers and so forth but then out of nowhere, a group of people basically said there to be only ONE god. You also see this at one time in Egypt. There is a unknown entity that is basically telling people here to either bow down or be killed and their soul be tortured. This unknown entity basically in a way is like the devil but gold and light :joy: You would read in any “holy book” how they were forced to convert. There is populations on this planet that exist because of the horrendous deeds played out and some almost gone because of these very people. In South America and Mexico are the remnants of ancient and very intelligent people that now live in poor and at times unlivable nightmare every day they are alive, they are just a reminder of what happened. There is One thing I enjoyed believing is something I read somewhere. Basically the actual source does not care if you talk to demons. The actual source basically does not care if you curse someone because they destroyed your life. Everything we see and is in existence is for a reason. In the Europe side of things example Rome had no choice but to convert to survive and in the northern parts where the Nordic people lived off of the land and build even to this modern ara a stable society, they wound up being forced to convert. Sad part is, even though they are nothing more then slaves to this “god” they continue to follow it and following the ways of this “god” out of fear of their very soul.

I came to this conclusion basically after reading different text and hearing stories and such from the local church population as well as my own experiences. I use to be a extreme RHP person. I felt I had NO choice but to be in service to others. I had worked closely with the angels and never once then have I ever ever imagine I would be on the LHP let alone talk to demons. My latest experience honestly made me question a lot about my past and even beliefs. So trust when I say this is one curve ball a lot of us didn’t see at first.


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