This is all scary af

I grew up Catholic.

I’ve read so many posts these last few days about Yaweh being a troll god.

I came here originally for magick. But it scares me how much all this makes sense to me.

I read a thread yesterday how a poster believed Old testament Yaweh is the devil, but New testament God is the one true god and Yeasu(Jesus?) is real.

It’s overwhelming coming from my background.

I use the search bar. It’s just so much information. Reading and reading without any direction.

I’ve seen the ‘books that are worth a shit’ thread. But are they all relevant for me just dipping my toe in the water of the LHP?

Overwhelming doesn’t describe how I feel tbh.

I two questions right now that will probably be bypassed by most of the seasoned users here. But I’ll ask anyway.

1.) What books, in your opinion, should I read in order to learn about the truth about ‘Yaweh’

2.) Most will say ask the demons. I can’t hear them. I feel a strong sense of ecstasy, like an orgasm, when using the ritual in ‘Demons of Magick’ book. But I don’t hear them. I feel absolutely NOTHING from chanting their enns and gazing at their sigil. Am I just not able to attune myself to these entities? Does anyone else have trouble getting through to demons through their enns or is it just me?


Keep doing the rituals. senses will come in time. Trust yourself brother. We are with you


Thank you very much for the reply and the kind words. I will definitely keep trying.

With the rituals though I’ve read not to keep opening it and bother the demon because it’s already on its task. Whereas chanting the enn and sigil gazing is more for getting to know the demon on an every day basis.

Do you think it would be okay to use the rituals to build an ongoing connection to the demon?

Again, thank you very much for you initial reply


To find out about Yahweh read the Bible. If people actually did that and had a think, there’d be a lot fewer Xtians. I also recommend The Dark Bible - available on-line. As for his son, the altar boys’ wet-dream and god’s sales manager on earth, the only thing of any value he ever said was, ‘You can judge a tree by its fruits’, so apply that to 2000 years of Xtianity.

You ever notice that Satan doesn’t ask humanity for anything? But when you call upon Him he’s there! And imagine spending eternity in heaven constantly worshipping God with all of the fucked up and utterly debased - no prospect of escape. Finally, ‘the Lord is my shepherd’ and like all good shepherds the last trip is to the slaughterhouse. That’s what shepherds do.



It’s ok man, I used to feel nothing initially as well, but you must work for it. Your astral senses right now might be dumb weak, but the demons are in fact there. Get a pendulum and light a candle, and communicate with them ask them anything you want, slowly you’ll get a feel for them. You can tell they’re there when the candle flickers or goes nuts.

My recommendation is you meditate, if you do you’ll feel energies in your body you’ve never felt before, especially if you chant enns/mantras

Of course, you don’t have to but the more you read, the better understanding you have about LHP and shit in general. Good luck on finding out the truth about Yaweh man


Summon them however works, just don’t keep sending them on the same task. If the rituals bring them to you, make the task about knowledge and ask them to help you learn.

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I still only hear them inside my own head, but their voices are different now.

Seeing then is only done via energetic astral vision for me.

I’m only advanced because I am fearless/reckless enough to do things even if I keep telling myself “no”.


Hello, bit of a long post, but there’s some tips on helping you get results with the demons, and improving your connection to them.

I’d suggest Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand if you want to experience the reality of יהוה (EE-AH-OH-EH). The archangel Metatron is “one step down” from יהוה (EE-AH-OH-EH), and by calling upon the archangels, you will come to know this quality of power. The book’s by the same group as Demons of Magick, so if that book vibes with you you’ll probably like this one too.

I don’t mean to start a fight, but in all honesty, there are more than a few people here who will tell you that יהוה (EE-AH-OH-EH) and the angels are cruel, evil, and out to get you. There is as much truth in this as when religious Christians say that demons are cruel, evil, and out to get you. It is dogma rooted in religious thinking, not direct experience with these spiritual beings.

You will learn infinitely more from your experiences with the spirits than you will from reading any book, including the one I mentioned. Any book, assuming it is of high quality, will only help set you in the right direction, and will give you the tools you need to begin your journey. If you allow the angels to guide you, and are persistent in your efforts, you will come to know them, that I can promise.

From the sounds of it, however, you may be more in the mood for demonic work at the moment. You mentioned that you were having troubles sensing the demons’ presence when you called upon them. This is absolutely OK. You do not need to be able to sense the spirits in order to get results. By performing the ritual as described, you most definitely made contact, even if it didn’t feel like it.

The demons want to help you, as it brings them great satisfaction when you delight in the results they bring you. I would suggest that you practice doing the first ritual, the Petition for Results, for some time. Get some results, and grow your confidence in the magick and the demons. You can sit in an airmchair and read all day, but nothing is as important as just doing magick.

One day, you will know that you are ready to attempt the second ritual, Connective Evocation. You are not calling down the demon to full visible manifestation, not yet, but this method will call the demon into your presence, and will form a strong psychic connection between you. This grants the potential for extensive communication, though again, practice is so important. Evocation is a skill, and like any other skill, you will improve with persistence, and a balance of study and practice.

Though the connection will not be as strong as an evocation, it is certainly still possible to receive a message from the demon through the petition method. After making your request and before you close the ritual, spend a few minutes gazing at the demon’s seal, perhaps repeating their name occasionally. Take note of any thoughts that appear or moments of intuition, as the demon will attempt to communicate with you. Look back over these notes occasionally, to help you learn how the communication feels, and to see how the demon may have helped guide you.

If I may, there are also a few demons I would suggest for assisting your magick. Vine can “improve your ability to work with all forms of magick,” and Furcas can “increase your psychic abilities” as well as “improve your ability to trust your intuition.” If you call upon these demons for this purpose, I would treat it like a long-term investment. There may be noticeable effects right off the bat, but know that they will continue to expand over time. You may find it useful to call upon them every so often as well, to gradually improve your abilities.

Feel free to PM me any questions, always happy to help :slight_smile:




To find out about Yahweh read the Bible. …good shepherds the last trip is to the slaughterhouse. That’s what shepherds do.

I have read the bible but not as well versed as some here. The things done in the Old Testament never sat well with me which is why the theory proposed in another thread that Old testament Yaweh and New testament God were two different entities intrigued me. I will check out the Dark bible.

Is the Satan you’re speaking of the ‘morning star’ devil from the bible or is it Satan one of the four kings of hell?

but the demons are in fact there. Get a pendulum and light a candle, and communicate with them ask them anything you want, slowly you’ll get a feel for them. You can tell they’re there when the candle flickers or goes nuts.

My recommendation is you meditate, if you do you’ll feel energies in your body you’ve never felt before, especially if you chant enns/mantra

Thanks for the suggestions. Haven’t read about the pendulum before, only scrying mirrors. Will do. I will definitely try to get into meditation more as well.



Thanks for that link. But now as I’m reading more and more I’m moving more from just wanting magick, to understanding the entities more. As in, should I really be using systems than almost compel the demons to act based on the names of El? Seems like if these demons really hate Yaweh and he is in fact a troll god, then I may not be able to build a relationship with them? I’m not looking to run from this questioning of what I’ve known, if you know what I mean. But again, thanks for the link.

Will do

‘Reckless’ is a word most people use for the determined when they aren’t themselves, no? :joy:
I’m guessing that change in voice came after practicing a lot?

I’ve definitely felt a strong sensation whenever calling on Metatron for the Core ritual in Demons of Magick. I have Archangels of Magick but hadn’t read it due as yet.

I’ve definitely felt love and kindness from both angels and ‘God’ as I knew him. To say I haven’t been blessed with fortunate circumstances throughout my life would be a lie as well. But one thing that got me is that a lot of people who post here and have experience contacting demons seem to have a trend of saying most demons hate Yaweh.

Now I’m a bit confused after all the contradictory thoughts. I thought Angels and Demons were two sides of the same coin and work together. Now I’m like whoa! Okay…
Thank you all for replying. I appreciate every reply here.

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One more thing to add to the pool of advice here.

When I read your ininshal post to this thread, I could very much feel your emotion through it. It was akin to… how can I put this?.. Well lets just say high strung. ( I no longer need a cup of coffee)

So my advice, when you feel like this. Take a step back, take a few deep breaths, and just chill for a few minutes. This can be helpful at recentering and thinking more clearly.

I do hope this helps.


If you believe that all the demons will hate something, then they will appear to do so. All spiritual communication is filtered through our own minds, in a sense, and our own preconceived notions and beliefs will affect how the spirits communicate with us.

Along these same lines, many who historically “sided” with the angels had their own negative beliefs about demons, and this belief influenced how they were able to commune with the angels. I have had angels suggest that I call upon certain demons for a task, and demons have done the same for angels.

If you are open-minded and willing to see past dogma, you will find that all the spirits want to work with you and help you attain spiritual growth and material pleasure. If you are concerned about the method in Demons of Magick, which incorporates angels into the process, I have asked various demons about this, both with and without angelic assistance.

From my experience, the Goetic demons actually like it when you include their corresponding Shem angel and angelic emissaries. It gives you and the demon more power, as the angels can give the demon wisdom it would not have access to otherwise, and they can help the demon with manifestation. The same can be said for the various godnames used to establish your Divine authority.

The angels can see the “bigger picture” of your life, looking at your past, present, and future, as well as your various magickal operations that are or will be in-effect, but they don’t have all the “lower vibration” powers that demons possess, so they complement each other nicely in this regard.


It is the Gnostic theory for which the god of the Old Testament is the evil demiurge Yaldabaoth, while the “father” of whom Christ speaks is for many currents a distinct entity, for others a symbolic reference to our own being divinity, and every reference of Christ to the spiritual journey it is to be considered completely internal to us. One of the Gnostic reference texts is the Pistis Sophia, which tells of the evil demiurge that keeps humans in a sort of illusory Matrix to conceal their potential and steal their energy.


It definitely was an emotional post. I’m not usually like that but there were a combination of factors.

Still. Your advice is sound. Taking a step back is definitely something I try to do consciously. Especially since I started falling into that pattern during my breakup to the ex a couple years ago.

Very interesting

Thank you! Now I actually know what the theory is called so I can research it.


Nobody gets brownie points for misleading the newbs @shinri . The gods do not like it (having their nemesis counterparts in the mix).
Angels would LIKE people to believe this rhetoric, but alas, OP…all that shimmers doth not shine. You can spray paint a turd with gold paint…but…you guessed it…

If angels and the gods AKA demons were all buddies, there would BE no RHP LHP. It would be a big fucking Kumbaya fest on a canoe trip. No need for force binding the gods in circles and triangles to enslave them.
Who TF gave Solomon the means to trap the 72, enslave them and so they had to steal that ring back to regain freedom? Yeah…
Think that one over.
Crack open another Bible.


Hello, OP :slight_smile:
I want to be straight to the point here, because I asked Marquis Leraje already about his angelic counterpart and if I should evoke him as well (because I also heard different approaches to this and I wanted to make sure), when I began my workings with him.
I won’t repeat his exact words on this (because language) but I would have an entity less in my life to call on.


Oh, and let’s see, over 200 (fallen) angels were bound in the deepest chasms of the earth for sexing it up with humans. By angels. You may read this in the book of Enoch, I forget the exact chapters.
That is not exactly going to inspire feelings of friendliness and cooperation with each other. Because as I understand it…according to Le Bible and the book of Enoch, Uriel, and a few others are supposed to be STILL guarding those “offenders”.

Let us frame it in a real life scenario. Let’s pretend that the angels are a bad religious group and they have 200 “heathens”(demons) from a beloved country (according to their little rules) locked up in a dungeon somewhere in the desert. For thousands of years. Does that put the beloved country on friendly terms with the bad religious group? Or are there some hard feelings going on since maybe those ones locked away might just be VERY important leaders…nah.

Look, I know a bunch of people here work with fluffy white angels and pretenders who pretend to be angels, but there are those of us who can see things beyond the gold spray paint.


Um, there are 72 demons in the lesser key, so couldn’t there, conceivably be 72 different (and possibly more) opinions on this topic from the demons. Buer, for instance doesn’t encourage you to change your religion, while Belial can hardly wait for you to get rid of religion.

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Dear OP, in cases of doubt simply ask the entity what would be the best approach to work with it.
It’s a matter of mutual respect.


Buer may just be neutral or not care. For some people, changing religion can be very painful…

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