This guy is trying to get me out of LHP / Black Magick

Okay so I got into an argument with some random dude on youtube. It was about the dutch rent prices on student dorms and student houses. They are crazy high in Amsterdam. The dude proceeds to asking me: wtf why do you have that scary profile picture? (I have the same profile picture on youtube like the one that I use on this account) the Lucifer symbol… He then says that he’s highly sensitive and has psychic abilities: full clairaudience 2 years nonstop, and a couple of events of telekinese / clairvoyance… So I got interested in asking him more questions.

He talked about some entity “Yaldabaoth” and that he’s a good spirit. I ask him how could I reach clairaudience and other psychic abilities. He says that it isn’t possible for me the way I do it or try to do it. Because I let these parasite- entities into my life. (I talked about lilith and having succubi) All dark entitities are his enemy, Lucifer, Lilith was a bitch and he still has to deal with her, he said that she owed him something. Lol :joy:

He was like I got to this point WITHOUT doing any magick, rituals, meditation… and to dedicate his life to the truth. He said that Bush, Obama, Ahmadinajad from Iran, Poetin, Medvedev all are involved in black magick satanistic events and make the same symbol with their hands: :metal:t4:The rock symbol, also all those rock-stars are making the same symbol… So they are also involved into 666 / satanic rituals?

He basically said: if those enetities that you deal with (Lucifer, Lilith, Beleth and so on) are sooo good, then WHY do we have to keep honoring them, giving them offers, praying to them, they would HELP us WITHOUT asking something in return…

He was like: you can still quit with all this black magick bullshit. There are “good spirits” out there. Call on them. It’s not too late. Probability doesn’t exist. It was meant to meet you and save yourself before you go down. Dump whatever black magick scene you’re in. He says that there are no good spirits with me… What does that mean? If he means my succubi then he’s truly stupid… My succubi aren’t parasites.

I don’t know what the fuck that was, maybe some dude on crack? I don’t know man, he says he’s talking to spirits and respect him and that you learn the truth about this life. ??



Who is this guy lol? And why is he talking like that about Lilith? Maybe Lilith knows him and could shed some light on this confusing conversation?

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There is your tell. Sounds like a loony. Most likely has a natural aptitude for clairaudience or is imagining.


This no more means they are allied and working in unison on some grand plan than being a Christian means all Christians are allied and working towards the same purpose, at all times, and the history of bloody battles between sects of Xians in Europe alone will demonstrate that; same thing with Islam, sectarian violence is ongoing and brutal. And that’s assuming he’s even correct.

There are people who are satanists and black magicians whose practices I personally find odious and worthy of complete deletion from my reality.

Look at the drama between people on this forum/site, and The Cabal, we’re ostensibly all black magicians to a normie, yet bitterly at odds and both sides thinking we’re doing it “right”! :wink:

Normal people, who have not explored black magick and the LHP in any depth, make the mistake of assuming we are in lockstep, and it’s utterly incorrect.

Second - randomly observe people’s hands, in class, on public transport, in cafés - it is actually very hard NOT to make “occult gestures” with your hands, regardless, whether you bring them together or have them resting casually.

And again, someone using hand gestures consciously could be drawing on planetary magick (the guy who wrote New Avatar Power did a whole book about this, Acupineology) without being part of the same group sharing the same agendas.

Also afaik the horns gesture is an ancient gesture of protection, before the monotheists came along and decided anything to do with magick and especially horns was evil. :roll_eyes:

^ That statement he made, is contradicted by

If these “good” spirits exist, why don’t they help you without asking, why did they let you, or anyone, ever, get in a position to NOT be already “saved”?

Why don’t they teach African villagers how to build wells that are safe by sending dream messages? Why don’t they appear as guardians and save people from road crashes?

He’s talking out of his arse! :laughing:

He seems like someone who thinks because he may have some basic ability to contact spirits etc., that gives him authority as to what is objectively true and correct on numerous issues - it does NOT.

One of the hardest lessons of life and magick is that people can be really skilled at a thing without having to be sane, reasonable, or someone you approve of their worldview or spiritual beliefs.

That’s my off-the-cuff take on this, apologies for typoes, just wanted to get a reply in before this slips down my notifications.

Take anything he can teach you but magick isn’t a cult where you must imprint the worldview of the “guru” to proceed along that path, he’s just some dude who has formed opinions based on what he’s observed and what meaning he gave it.



What I also don’t understand is that he’s preaching to AVOID magick. Because it’s part of the system. The system he refers to is our world. Magick is bad because governments and other wealthy people are using it to their own advantage. To feed their greed and lust etc etc.

I think this dude is delusional and how could he talk like that about Lilith? He said he was gonna get her sometime soon lol😂 Maybe he called onto her and things didn’t work out? Because he seems very disrespectful towards our gods.

I said to him that Lucifer is very nice and Lilith is also very nice. If you approach them respectfully they won’t get mad etc, and that it doesn’t matter if you’re LHP or RHP. We are all part of this system. The universe and our planet. People use magick, to get what they want.

It seems to me that he doesn’t want anything to do with living in this society, and because we are contacting dark gods to help us, we seem to be very bad persons :laughing: He should move into the woods, living in a cabin or something.


Brush him off. He has no idea of what he’s talking about.

If anyone contradicts your own experiences, it’s a waste of time to have a discussion with them. It’s your experience, not his. You don’t own him anything.

He basically rely on myths and legends, rather than relying on the actual experience. That’s crazy, isn’t it?


Me too, every month.

Don’t we all…

I know people with more than just 2 years full clairaudience… Many are even in this forum…

What kind of events? He farted and the his dog run away? (sorry I couldn’t hold my self pun not intented)

Again… Don’t we all…

I know I sound too bitchy now, but I’m thinking… If I had some super amazing powers and I was so wise, would I bother to argue with someone unknown to me in the youtube…?? Probably not…



Yeah it’s obvious that he didn’t researched any dark god at all. He’s talking shit so I couldn’t take him seriously. :laughing:

Ah well, the youtube comments section… the sea of ignorance. There’s more where that came from! :joy:

It’s better to just ignore it indeed.


It’s even more obvious that he lacks the experience of Lilith and her children, because research doesn’t mean shit when it will challenge everything that’s written about them.

90% of the research is bullshit propaganda, based off religion and dogma, anyway. Some of it even got stuck within the black magic communities, which just makes the experience negative for some black magicians.

If someone is a lunatic for believing the shit he reads, it’s him. You learn more from the vomit of bad food than listening to that guy.


Yeah typical RHP escapism, with a bit of luck he’ll grow out of it. :wink:


btw, offerings aren’t a requirement like this guy thinks. its a gift that is freely given by the magician. They arent a requirement for these spirits to work with you


The real issue here is getting into discussions about magic on youtube.

Aside from that, it seems like it would actually be based on personal experience, since Yaldabaoth is the Gnostic Demiurge and wouldn’t be considered a good guy anywhere except some sects who see themselves as the Demiurge, and considering the rest of it, he doesn’t seem like he belongs to one of those.

This just shows that he doesn’t know anything about how spirits work.

No one just goes around giving you something for nothing unless that’s their function, they gain something from doing it, or they really really like doing it, which really is still an offering in itself in a sense.


It is rather odd about the demiurge Yaldabaoth; I swear there was a cartoon on tv or ad that had a huge statue of it. Eh… I can’t find it but I like art soooo


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Just a follower of The Big Three using different names.

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It’s very likely that he was just a random know-it-all fucker or an Internet troll in its purest form.

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Personally, I’d take it as a sign that one should not forsake the light for the darkness or the dark for the light. Going purely to one extreme of the spectrum has a way of radicalizing people. It’s part of why I walk the middle path.

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  1. Bloodlines

@SpaceTravelr, this is very basic propaganda. The hook 'em horns signal is :love_you_gesture: comes from Texas University and is used for football matches too. They linked it too Satanist because the horns. But there is not evidence at all for the so called Satanic bloodlines.

Nowadays I am digging into the dogma, but years ago I did it too. I did read a book about the Satanic Bloodlines (Rothschild family etc…). Now this can be simply torn down in the fact that I do believe a few families have high influences at the top of the chain, we see that (follow the money). But in the whole Satanic bloodline in the whole book there was not a single shred of evidence at all.

The book did a great job saying, ‘there is enough evidence for this… there is enough evidence for that’, but the evidence never came.

After my study and my background I got the urge to explore the LHP, beside the RHP. Just because I was tearing down dogma and made up stories without evidence. I work with Lucifer and this week i did call Lilith (i still had some fear because of how people talk). Result. I had a great feeling. They came both.

  1. Offering, Praying, Thank you RHP/LHP

This guy doesn’t know at all what he is talking about. In the RHP we offer due prayer and a thank you. So we have to pray too, show our gratitude and have to work for it. So nothing is for free in the RHP.


I came to know you as a very devoted practitioner and you managed to change your life 180 degrees. So don’t let that punk tell you everything you do is wrong. As a LHP/RHP i respect you and many others on this forum.

Take care and have a blessed weekend (to you all :wink: ) . If you have a doubt you know where to find me.