This good idea for you if you want develop your servitor faster!

So suddenly i have idea about put my servitor in some realm who have 1000 time faster (or more) than our realm, which is make us not waiting too much time to see our servitor develop their power, in that realm they can learn and develop themself (i make type of servitor who can developing themselves)

I ask archangel Gabriel through invocation if there is realm like that especially a safe one for put servitor and i got postive answer!

So i plan to astral project to progamming my servitor, add some features and after that evocation some spirit ( i choose archangel Gabriel) to take my servitor and delivery it to that realm.

Oh btw i have put some program about my servitor to feeding from cosmic energy so i think i good to left them alone in some strange realm.

After a bit time maybe some hours i will take my servitor from that realm (through spirit or pick up for myself)

Idk if its will working but i think it will working wonderful, imagine just wait some hours and we have servitor who are fully develop and strong like a years!

Well this is just idea, i not take action yet, you can try too if you want.


wow Incredible. Please keep posting about your servitor s evolution.