This all happened in 1 day

Hi all, I’ve been having thoughts lately and they would manifest somehow some time later, I kept observing what this was, but today was the ultimate worry. I was having these thoughts: I thought of my enemy whom I haven’t spoken to in two years, just a mere thought, minutes later I get a message from my enemy on Facebook. Secondly, I was thinking about what someone has posted here on BALG about soul switch, minutes later I turn on my tv just to see a movie about it. Third, me and my friend were talking about my ex girlfriend whom I haven’t spoken to since 2014 and later on, believe it or not, I got a friend request from her following a message on FB.

What is this about? Can I do LBRP to cleanse all these happenings? This got me worried the minute those things happened in a day, any help?


Are you sure these weren’t premonitions? Have you experienced psychic phenomenon before?


what you’re experiencing is called synchronicity


Things like these are usually referred to as “synchronicities” or even “premonitions.” If you want to “banish” them, then I suggest you just never do anything magick-related ever again because these things usually mean you’re more in touch with magick and yourself.


What does that mean simply explained?

Unless they are causing harm, draining you in some way, or generally being annoying, banishing is not required.
Strange things occurring are a mark of our involvement in the trade.
I as a kid used to know someone was going to call us seconds before it did. I dreamt and took note of the exact plane number of the AA plane crash in the early to mid eighties, a couple days before. I didn’t think anything of it at the time because I didn’t watch the news.
As a young adult, deja vu experiences happened often.
As an adult, I was nearly involuntarily astral projected. One of two experiences. Also a lucid dream occurrence.

Strange things are going to happen. Grab a helmet and popcorn and enjoy the ride.


a synchronicity is a phenomena of the universe, understanding itself and its purpose in life, a glimpse of what could become. and in that moment it experiences itself


A synchronicity is something that “synchronizes” with another thing. So an example is when you’re thinking of dandelions all day long and then you see a dandelion on your doorstep. Or when you’re thinking of calling a friend and a minute later they call you. Anther example is hearing the same song over many radio stations.

It just means things that line up. Things that repeat or are the same. Things that are related but not in tangible ways is another way to put it.

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I dont think you need to worry. You are more connected with magick or your psychic senses are active. Just keep you emotion in check meditate.

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