Third eye

I have read about how the third eye allows you to see demons as if they were physically in front of you, so I have a few questions about it:

  1. Does the third eye allow you to see everything? Thoughtforms (of other people), succubuses, spirits, and so on?

  2. How does the world look like with the third eye? Is it filled by spirits? Is the third eye always active or you have to focus? and how easy is it to focus to open it once you are used to it?


1 - Depends how evolved your 3 eye is.
2 - You active astral senses whenever you want to, it is fair simple to active it.


Yes it is crucial to gain control of the 3rd eye.
I look at my various depths of vision like putting on different glasses. I choose the appropriate pair for the job (activated by various musta)

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Here’s a good video about the 3rd eye:


Well, my dear, the 3rd is a metaphor for the enhance of ur seeing. It will allow you to see things beyond this living realm.

However, those who are born in the nightime usually gifted with this gift, like my cousin, a natural psychic, without adapting to magic or any craft, she still sees things that I couldn’t see, although I am a witch myself.
She told me that, its not always possible to see these things, there will be a mystical hour in the days, when u will be able to see such things. Otherwise, u won’t.
I did ask her why, but she didn’t tell me, " the coming of it is a mystery, no one knows" said my cousin.
If u r a witch, then there are ways to open ur 3rd eyes but u still have to depend on that mystical hour, which my cousin and many other psychics said. Outside of this hour, then u can’t see them unless they freely reveal themselves or u may have to perform a spell or ritual to force them out of hinding