Third eye

So I’ve been trying to open my third eye through meditation and such,
But when I do I feel this pressure or block in between my eyebrows where the third eye is, even when I relax all the tension from my face, I feel the tension right there at the third eye. at one point it kind of felt like it was vibrating?
What could that mean? Is it like, it’s close to opening? Or maybe there is something blocking?
Tell me what you think


In psionics that is a sign you are flexing the energetic muscles there just like a physical muscle. It is very weak right now but with practice it will grow stronger then you can do the cool stuff you want. Expect splitting migraines at periods in your practice until you get use to it. It is the normal response and akin to physical muscle soreness and cramps from exercise.


Oh, interesting! Thank you very much


Yea this happens to me a lot too. Before going to bed I usually try to meditate (usually for astral travel or lucid dreaming). by the time i release all the tension out of my body and ready to sink in deeper in relaxation , between my eyebrows i feel this incredible pressure(feels like something is squeezing from inside ) plus some vibration. After that, i either fall sleep or suddenly the pressure stops.


Yes, part of my regular meditation is empowering my chakras, and I focus on each chakra until it starts pulsating. So, your experience is that your third eye chakra is being empowered.

Also, it’s a misnomer to suggest that any of your chakras are closed. They are always open, but it might just be that they’re underpowered.

And I recommend that you don’t only focus on your third eye chakra, but instead focus on all seven for even distribution. It’s equivalent to only doing push ups in exercising, sure you’re going to have strong arms, but the rest of you will still be weak.


You’re going great. Keep working!


Alright yay! Thank you!


Alright will do! Thank you for your insight :slight_smile:

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