Third eye

Hi everyone i wanted to know if it’s real that opening third eye makes one feel better and connect better and i heard that it can make even one’s wish becoming true just by concetrating on the wish itself

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Yes, the third eye greatly helps with manifesting your desires into this physical word since it holds Creation and Destruction Energies.


Thank you AlphaC but how can i open it and does it help me doing a pact with a demon by connecting with him ?

I would reccomend focusing on learning a form of energy work and a figuring out a regular magick practice you can do. The energy centers and the senses associated are like muscles the more you use um the greater result you will notice.


I did not understand about magick you mean that i should have my own spiritual meditation practice ?

Correc as well as a daily magical practice, the idea that there is an “on switch” which can open or activate your senses is off from my experience.

The info in this thread can give you an idea of some basics to get ya started if ya need an idea of where to start.


Try these:

Remember, as the others in this thread have said, daily practice is required. It is not a one shot then forget kind of thing.


Thank you @Dinmiatus i can not see this video now but i am going to do it tomorrow

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