Third Eye

Hey all,

So, my third eye has been acting funny. My spiritual vision and my power of visualization has been coming and going at random, so, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me rip the fucker open :slight_smile:
I am more than willing to do nearly anything (I am unable to pay anyone at the moment as money is very tight at the moment) to be able to see once again.

If anyone is willing to help or use me as a guinea pig, please feel free to either post here or PM me.

Cheers, and thank you all,


Message me i have something that’ll suffice.


This is what you do: draw energy from an external source that you wouldn’t mind invoking (like the sun or moon) and build it up around all your chakras, once you get them all as full as you can, let the energy go and dissipate into your body.


Might give possession by King Balaam a try, not only will he open and stabilize your third eye. he’ll give it a full fisting that will lasts for years. :smiling_imp:


I’ve never been possessed before, but I will consider that.

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Heh If you do be sure to be specific of what you ask from him, i underwent a very mild possession by him for a few hours and i was fucked up for days after, seeing things all the time, telling random details about others lives to them, hearing what they were thinking, touching thing a knowing things about all the people who touched it to, BAH, i couldn’t be like that 24/7, i’d end up in a padded cell or blow my brains out just to get some peace and quiet. :joy:


I’ve had flashes of those things before… Like I said, fucking thing keeps opening and closing itself… I think it fucked me up worse because it was at random times and I couldnt make sense of it

Thank you for the forewarning

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Are you sure it is opening and closing and not just fluctuating naturally? Like all bodily energies, the chakras ebb and flow during the day. If you have been doing some heavy evocations or energy work, it could just simply be adjusting to the stronger energy flow.

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It has been opening and closing quite randomly.

I saw the past as though it were in front of my eyes. I told my partner things I couldn’t have possibly known. This was in a period were I was doing no workings. I used to be able to visualize anything, but I find it nearly impossible when I’d like to do it, but yet I will do it going down the street not by choice. This has never happened before.


Massage third eye (widdershins) with a little heat rub. Cheap. Quick. Effective. Best before bed.



How detailed where their thoughts? Kinda intrigued to know…:smirk:


Same issue here…My visual power is too volatile. I’m looking for a way to definitively open my astral senses too. I’m meditating daily since years but I’m not sure it’s helping.



I was looking for a super quick super painful way (ye, I know, I know :joy: :smiling_imp:) to open my damn senses fully.

Can you tell us more about King Balaam and your working with him?


Sounds rad…until you find out that your boss is into getting bukkakes.

But seriously, pray tell. Sounds like something That could come in handy.


Oh my, I read your name as “YeEvilAnus”.

Don’t…don’t mind me…


I see what–or where–you’ve been up to lately.

This shit is better than my original name, I’ll give you that.


As detailed as full blown dementia would allow. That’s what it felt like anyway i think, i lost all focus and control of the information i was receiving and didn’t handle it well according to what others told after because i was creeping the everloving shit out of anyone i came in contact with. How i didn’t get arrested during that time i will never know, but how to properly describe this to accurately answer your question?..Very?

Everytime i work with a powerful entity like King Balaam and i’m being just a little to sloppy with what i’m asking for, lazily unwilling to make any effort with it and being a little to arrogant and condescending with my demands, they always insure i learn a lesson that will stay with me forever. I like him a lot and he’s more then happy to quite literally give people what they are asking for, and that’s when the screaming starts. :grin:

Funny, these things are very much like people asking how to have a kundalini awakening without putting in the work, now that i’ve been given a small taste of it i’m like so you want to end up a quivering ball of jelly on the ground or explode into flames right there? Cool! Make sure to video it! :thumbsup: :laughing:

Making a permanent sigil of Balaam’s or buying a pendant of it and wearing all the time will make psychic abilities go up over time without the psychotic episodes (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but for people who want to stay productive that probably that’s best way to go. :thinking:


To me this sounds like you are adjusting to the energies you are working with. For me this happens with Every new type of energy I come in contact with. Most recently sitri’s and the jupitarian energies im working with, the energies of the divs and my alter.
The more I am exposed to them the faster i can perceive them.

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