Third Eye/Psychic Abilities

For some years now, I have been greatly struggling with consciously accessing my spiritual senses and abilities. What’s strange is that they seem to only manifest in very random bouts; sometimes when I reach another spiritual breakthrough/development. It wasn’t until today that I remembered something I did years ago, and I believe it’s the source of my issue.

When I was around 13, that is when my psychic abilities began to manifest. However, as I was getting older, they were becoming too bothersome for me. Too strong. Around age 15, I forced my abilities to the ‘back of my mind’, I guess you can call it. I visualized a purple orb shrinking into a tiny dot and moving very far away. I remember instantly feeling so much more at ease. But the thing is…I seriously want and need them back now. I have been doing what I can to reverse what I have done, but nothing seems to be working so far. I know they’re still there. I can feel it. And I can still spiritually evolve- just not really reape the results fully because of this issue. What do you guys suggest I could do to reverse the block I created?

Have you tried talking to your 15 year old self and asking for them back? Sounds odd, but it helped me with similar things. I blocked mine in grade school and as part of my healing process, I “talked” to my younger self, thanking them for the help and whatnot and asked to let them flow freely.odd

Hope it helps.


That’s…actually not a bad idea at all! I could definitely try that out! I personally love techniques that aren’t as “common”. Given that the traditional route of doing things is something that hasn’t really always been in my favor.

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