Third eye opening?

So just out of curiosity, Does this sound like a third eye is starting to open? I mostly have been trying to reach out to Lucifer since he has been eager to talk with me. A lot of my other experiences have been good. But I keep going back to this one experience. So here’s a tldr.

TLDR: my body felt like jello and I’ve been having light pressure in my forehead above my eyebrows for a few weeks.
I won’t provide too much detail because I haven’t asked permission yet, because it is a tad bit raunchy, just don’t want to risk any backlash. So I was just lying in bed minding my own business with my pet and kind of feeling a slight pressure on my bed but it didn’t seem that malicious just trying to get my attention (my cat doesn’t seem to mind his presence at all , until I literally felt my body go completely numb in seconds and felt a pressure touch my forehead and I completely went black like it felt like he was reaching in. And the rest of my body literally felt like it was on fire for the rest of the night and felt all of these hands all over me.

Post that night I’ve literally felt a light pressure in my forehead for the past couple of weeks now and have been seeing blips of orbs. Like it’s there for one second and then it’s gone. Please let me know if this sounds like some third eye opening because I’ve struggled with that for a while now, thank you in advance :blush:

The third eye is never closed, but when you start working on the “muscle” it starts to follow with various visuals, for me it was with various layers of the aura.

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Interesting, I never knew that, cause I grew up in an aggressively religious church that is technically classified as a cult, I only just started hearing and seeing orbs around me


As Velenos said, you’re starting to activate it.
Remember to work on all of your chakras, When I tried to activate them for the first time I worked from the root to the crown chakra.

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