Third eye blowing open feeling?

What’s it feel like when your third eye is completely open? What does the world look like? When your 2 physical eyes are closed can you still see?
Many many thanks :pray:


Well I can feel pressure/tingling sensation where my third eye is when I use it/focus on it/randomly.

When my eyes are CLOSED I can see orbs of different colored light that seems to come from when a spirit/energy/entity is near me/manifests/or tries to communicate with me. I see the orbs through my eye lids.

I also seem to randomly scry alot with my eyelids.

So things like that. When my eyes are open, things seem more vivid and sometimes dream like.

Also I go along the school of thought that the third eye is ALWAYS open. Its whether you have blocks, and how much you work your senses. It’s like a muscle.

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Hmm since I don’t feel like mine is as much as it could be I don’t know how useful my answer is but no I don’t really imagine it like an extra physical eye - more like a sixth or seventh sense where you’re open to things beyond the material world

I do feel the tingling sensation and yes I see things visually but behind closed eyes by concentrating on viewing my minds eye

Some people might say that’s open but I just know I used to have more sight than I do currently