Third eye and chakra questions

been reading up on how to open my third eye align my chakras and chalra power manipulation but starting to have some questions i cant easily find an answer to, was hoping for some help

first off, what exactly does your third eye do? as i understand it, it allows the seeing of auras and movement of energy? i imagine various animes where someone has a colored glow around them denouncing their “aura”

secondly, chakra/energy manipulation? is this possible or am i mistaken on this? i was thinking of for example, being able to use my third eye to implant suggestions into someone else subconcious, or with enough energy and practice to take over/mind control someone else or at the very least implant suggestions into their conciousness. similiar to hypnotic suggestions, without putting the other person into a trance or being aware suggestions are being implanted.
is this a third eye type thinh or a chakra thing? or neither?

if this is incorrect whats a better way to implant suggestions into someone?

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I had totally forgot about chakra stuff until I read this post

originally i thought of trying aligning my chakras to help supplement empowering my spell work… breath energy in, then breath it out onto sigil or what ever other magic i’m doing. …so far it…doesn’t seem to be working…

I kinda remember the vampyre middle pillar meditation, that one used the chakras and was quite pleasant. It’s in the book “Vampyre Magick” by Father Sebastiaan, exercises like that one can make your chakra practices more amusing and increase your perception of energy

ill look into it thx

The third eye does what the rest of the chakras do, they cycle the energy in your energy body throughout your energy body, but they also absorb energy from your environment and release energy back into it. The third eye isn’t what allows you to see these energies and such, atleast not on it’s own, there’s a bunch of minor chakras around it and around your actual eyes that are largely contributed to that.

Energy manipulation is direct magick and you’re manipulating the energy in your energy system, you dont manipulate your chakras they just do their job. Implanting suggestions into someone’s subconscious has nothing to do with the third eye, it’s to do with practicing psychic suggestion.

oh, ok. do you have any guides on psychic suggestion or how tos?