Thinking of dropping magic entirely

All its done is destroyed me. So thinking of selling all books (or throwing them away) and tools. I see zero benefit.

That’s what magick does. It destroys us. But the things it destroys, NEED to be destroyed. If you feel like this is what you’ve got to do, then I won’t argue with you. It’s your life. But look into the problems that are causing you to feel this way. Look into the way you view spirituality.


I could definitely use some books…

Books on which aspect of magic?

Place everything in box - seal box - hide box. Sell if you need money.
Clear up your system - medication, drugs you shouldn’t be indulging, computer site blocks
Self discipline - get work, get up at a regular hour, have self respect.


Ehhh… I don’t know. My magick didn’t destroy me in any way but it’s the life who’s fuckin with me since I am born. Magick has made things better so far.

@Fuego1 maybe you should give more details. Why you think magick is destroying you and what type of magick you practice. If that’s not too personal.
I hardly see how Chaos Magick can mess up with someone so you probably used to work with spirits and such? And you feel like they fuck with your life?

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Qliphothic magic destroys that which it does not consider a need. So anything in your life you assume you want and is a hinderance to you it will destroy. So friends who are just using you, goodbye. Relationships based on false notions, goodbye. All the fake shit needs to go for you to grow and rebuild anew stronger.


If you decide to throw out books just send them to me instead. I’ll send you my email.

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So it all depends on the pathworking…OP should share what he’s usually doing unless we can’t really help.

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so its true newtons law every action has an opposite and equal reaction

that’s why I dont take drugs and drink alcohol because if spirits wish to live in my body I would like it to be as clean as my temple ,my body is a temple I am the gardener cleaner repairer of my temple its not the magic its the poison that destroys the temple


well you can drink and use a little as long as it’s used for ritual purposes not recreational purposes one should be fine.


Again, I repost this.

As @FraterMagni said, these things are things that need to be eliminated, brother. Destruction is natural as breathing and it often brings about changes for the better.

A forest fire ravages landscapes, but it allows trees and flowers to reproduce. It pushes forward the natural cycle of life.

I can’t try and tell you not to drop magick, as it is your choice.


I see. I tried to summon Azazel, and no sight or sound. I will try what you suggested in the Merging Journal. One question on that - would you still be with your family when you cross over?

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What are you planning on trying brother? A merger?

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Brother, all it does is add a spirits energy to yours permanently. You can still go wherever you like after death. Which spirit do you plan on?

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El or Osiris I guess, though Bel and Danu is morey ethnicity. I really don’t know where I would go … I guess I should reread that again.

Any and all

Bro, I face a lot of problems too, but had I not got into Magick, I would have perished a long time ago. Magick might have taken the things that I THINK are what I love and desire the most and still do but it has given me chances to grow after destruction. And nothing is lost, I might get it all back when I become more powerful and knowledgeable but then, when I will look back I guess I will realise that it should have happened and will not have any more desire or feelings with whatever happened !

Only through magick will you realise that you have more to gain than to lose :slight_smile:

EDIT " In anyway it is your life and your choices ! If you respect your choices, then go for it and follow your heart

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