Thinking about something then it becomes a reality?

Let’s say I was thinking about a question
I wanted to ask someone but didn’t speak up to ask. The person then tells me the answer to the question I wanted to know!

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I’d say that’s either telepathy or you manifesting that thing into reality.

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It could be telepathy and manifesting like what the other person said. You could also be picking up future events.
Some people manifest in ways that work for them, like some do it mentally, some say it out loud, some feel, some work with spirits… etc

It could be manifestation but manifestation isn’t just “think and I want it” there’s some strong emotion for it to build off of yes, or actively feeding it energy, or like someone else mentioned telepathy on a basic level, could also be precognition.

I think if you align your subcouncious wishes with your councious ones and you do any sort of another manifestation of that wish like writing it or put it in words, then you have the wish in three forms or realms:
subcouncious concient and word for example, three is the number of manifestation, most witches repeat three time things as well for the same reason
the number three makes easier things to manifest

that is why if you fear something and are not prepared to face it you shouldnt speak about that
as your subcouncious fear might alingn to your councious mind, and the words, so the fear can become reallity and chase youa before you are ready for it

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Yes I aligned my subconscious and conscious mind together.
I can think at a subconscious level Through a feeling in my head!

I found out my dad murdered someone A friend told me
she was going to repossess his car. He’s been taken into custody.
It might not be my dad Same first name same last name.
I wished my dad to go to prison so he could realize what he has done to me.
while also realizing he wasted his life on one girl and that one girl landed him in prison.
He’s either been framed he lost his shit on someone or it was an accident or I sent spirits
To ruin him not realizing it.
Spirits have taken care of people before
When I desired pain
to be inflicted on a person bad enough