Thinking about performing a seduction ritual

Nah just command the demon tbh


The power isn’t the sigil it’s the demon behind it, so putting a demons number isn’t going to get you laud anymore, calling him and telling you to get you laud will work

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Ok have tried one ritual from Henry Archer’s book


You might scare more people away with a sigil overlaying your profile. The sigil is something we use to contact an entity usually, charged it can be like a “portal” to that energy. You putting it over your image probably won’t do anything at all. Magick is in the nuances and intentions, not the ‘slap over a sigil what I want.’ Demons aren’t LOA tools, they’re spirits you ask for help.

Just do the ritual or make a petition. A sigil isn’t worth much if it’s not connected to energy.

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Not for nothing, but, have you tried the hello how are you, want to grab a drink/coffee approach? It’s a lot faster than a summoning. With direct results.

I hate cold approaches also they may suck at talking to people or something

Right on. I can dig it. Was just being nosey. :grin:

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Develop mastering your last and techniques for attracting females. I’ve studied this a lot but here’s some game.

It’s called the 6th senses approach, you have a plan to attract her through each sense.
You’ve already knocked down down the metaphysical aspect.

Wear a good cologne, brush your teeth, “wear the right clothes and get chose with your mouth closed”.
For touch you gotta get an excuse to touch her, you can’t just randomly ask for a hug, or touch her shoulder without prior notice, this is probably the hardest aspect of game as you have to make it subtle enough so that she doesn’t find you a creep (assuming she’s not interested) but it’s just enough so that she realizes you’re doing more than being friendly.

Figure out how to ask good questions, people love talking about themselves, especially women, women are social butterflies. Ask her about how her days going, or compliment her purse or something simple, then you escalate the conversation to something meaningful and the last step is you flirt.

You must establish a base as a solid communicator and interesting person before you start flirting, if she’s attractive (in actually if she’s just a woman) she’s gets hit on all the time, you have to set yourself apart from all the other lames who have talked to her that week, that month, and that year.

In sales you do something called qualifying have you ever seen that scene where someone says “sell me this pen!” Well that’s what you’re doing your selling your personality and love, another word for selling is proposing or persuading or leading. Most salesmen come up with a bunch of random reasons as to why a pen is a MUST HAVE and essential to every person, ALL THE BENEFITS and what not. But did you ask the person if they’re even in the market for pens?

Taste - this is dependent on the date, the setting or how well versed you are. Try to go for something sweet or exotic you want to associate yourself with whatever IS YOU.

A basic cheap date for me would be going on a hike (plenty of time to talk + I love exercise) and then grabbing smoothies after. She’d associate me with fitness and sweet health drinks. Not to mention she’d feel much better as she drinks the smoothie because she has endorphins running through her body, so even if there were a few hiccups during the date or something, biologically she would feel better just from the meer fact she worked out with me.

If you want me to write a longer post going more in depth, short game vs long game I can.

Most men are terrified of women, and their fear is proportional to how attractive the woman is. So the more attractive she is the more afraid of rejection they are. When a guy asks a girl out on a date he doesn’t hear “Oh no thanks” what he hears and what is body tells him she’s saying is "you are biologically unfit and unworthy to get me pregnant and have kids with, I am not giving you a chance because doing so would not be a good investment of my time or energy. You do not meet my evolutionary standard for a proper mate, get lost loser.

“Probably fuck your life up :man_vampire:

Great video

From my study of women the most appealing archetypes are vampires, they like dark and mysterious men. They’re into the “bad boy” he has the capacity to take their souls and end their life. But most importantly a vampire is a gentleman.

(Note the only reason she didn’t kiss him is she has a charm to prevent mind control from vampires, a vampire can mind control any normal women)

Okay I’ll shut up

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I talk to her daily. Yes I have social anxiety but I take meds to control it. Obviously I’m not expecting to just perform a ritual and the girl will land on my bed lol.


My mom has this car. She said that to open the trunk, you just need to push a button. And there’s one for closing it too. If you try to open or close it manually, you risk breaking it. Off topic, yes. And never mind the type of car. The point is that this is an analogy I use regarding rites like this. Using magic to mess with the mind is one thing. Messing with the heart and one’s emotions is another. So, taking morality out of the subject, I believe that doing this will cause some unwanted side effects and ultimately backfire on you.

Let me give you a scenario. You’re successful and manage to get what you want. But she goes crazy and becomes obsessed with you. After noticing a few red flags, you decide you don’t want to see her. So, you break it off. She then tries to coerce you into staying with her. Possibly blackmailing you, or actually threatens you somehow, or the people around you.

I go by a rule. If I don’t need to hurt or control someone else, I don’t want to. There has to be a practical need. And even then, I have to cause as much good or as little harm as possible. Casting a spell on a prospective employer to get a job is fine, provided I can do the work and not leech off the company. But I’ve wrestled with the idea of seduction rituals before, and I’ve decided that it’s not enough of a priority to manipulate someone’s mind (provided potential consequences). Plus, I’d rather earn their attention than force it anyway. Ultimately, sometimes it’s best to let people be free to think or feel as they choose than to risk hurting them (and possibly yourself). Just like how it’s better to let the trunk open and close on its own instead of breaking it.

If you want something quick and easy, try glamor. Like I said, it’s better to mess with the mind than the heart. Just do something that’ll make you look good in front of her. But let her choose how she feels or whether or not she wants to sleep with you.


the greatest and most ancient secret to getting a woman or mate is



working on success magick atm

Ya never know. I recall watching my younger brother and his friend place a spell upon an apple and then walk around town trying to get a girl to take a bite(this was in the 80s different times). Ofcourse nobody did, but I laughed hysterically.

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The OP has a specific target in mind, he would know if he can buy them to pretend they like him. Probably be easier just to pay a professional tbh.

Speaking of which @John_Wizard there’s a Goetic entity that helps you understand the needs of a loved one so you can let them know you can provide for them in a way they would care about. …
To @Crown’s point, many women may not be looking for long term, but they still have to value you as good long term material to be attracted. So find out what she would value and show her you are all that, as well as letting her know she is desired.

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I disagree whole heartedly. Yes, having money helps, but it’s a terrible idea to focus on that. There are women out there who take advantage of men with money. I believe you’ve heard of a situation not too long ago where a woman tried to get herself pregnant by stealing a condom from Drake’s trash. If you don’t, then I suggest you look it up.

I don’t have a lot of money, but I’d rather rely on other desirable traits.


Relying only on money and/or beauty makes you replaceable.

If you want someone that’s only looking for money, then money will be the only glue keeping you together.

If one day you lose money or they find someone with more money than you, then you’re discarded and replaced.

Is that what you want? Someone that only wants you for your money? Someone you can buy?

Now change “money” for “beauty” and read it again. Same thing.

I’m a woman btw. I’m just saying, if that’s your mindset, then that’s exactly the type of romantic interests you’ll attract: people that will only want you for money and/or sex, and then they’ll throw you to the trash.

Aim higher and better. Have standards ffs.


Regarding Powerful yet Easy.

Does anyone here play magic the gathering? I do. I play the color black. Black has some powerful and diverse spells. The problem is it often means giving something up in the process. One example is at times you’re willfully giving up life points to draw extra cards. So, the more card advantage you hope to gain, the closer you get to losing.

What I’m trying to get is that NOTHING is ever powerful AND easy. There’s either a cost to pay or a risk to be concerned of. Therefore, I refer you back to my scenario. And as for the money thing, that’s like going into the jungle waving a around a sign that says “Eat Me”, with bits of meat hanging from string on your clothes, while wearing steak sauce-based cologne.

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