Thinking about making a comic about Magick and Demonolatry

Hello everyone!

I was thinking about how cool would it be to have a “slice-of-life” comic about the life of a demonolator, but based on the “real” use of magick in general and not the hollywood mumbo jumbo about “demons will eat your children pls can you handle me the holy water oh no I’m being possessed and my ass is on fire” (sorry) that is, without taking demons lightly or making them the worst things in the world.

SO, I’m looking for suggestions and I’m inviting everyone to have a part on this! this is something I wanted to do for a while and I even have some sketchs on characters that I want to introduce in the comic, the thing is: the plot is missing completely. I have some ideas but I wanted to know yours too!

(I’ll updtade this thread further depending on the answers)


That sounds really awesome. I’ve put thought into writing stories about magical practice and basing it more in reality than Hollywood. Give me some brainstorming time and I’d love to help when I can.


That would be amazing! feel free to PM me anytime on your thoughts! :slight_smile:


The Invisibles… Grant Morrison




Well one thing that actually happens just on here is some people have been doing magick for a long time, and then on the other hand you get people who are going through a really bad situation, and turn to it in desperation, half-unconvinced, and often full of dread but really with nothing left to turn to, and no experience to discern the good advice from the bad, and what’s a valid expectation from what’s not.

Some people have absolutely terrible things going on, and fear that the only way out is to sell their soul or otherwise take really extreme measures, and are also often unprepared for the relatively large amounts of work involved.

That could make for an interesting storyline, if you have for example 2 different magicians who are talking to someone like this, one malevolent and one trying to assist with ascent?


Whoa, I just saw what is all about, I think I’ll give it a read! Thank you btw, seems interesting!

that is a really interesting plotline you have there, and a very real one! I can see how this idea could drive the story for long enough to include several uses on magick and other beliefs! and I’m already seeing an interesting timeline where I could put your idea. I’ll let you know if I draw something related with your suggestion (which I probably will do an oneshot) and give credits to you! thank you for your input @Lady_Eva <3 (I’ll probably do something inside the story to mention you if you allow me to)

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Whatever works for you, I can tell you though I didn’t come up with that idea, reality keeps bringing it here! :+1:

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the following idea could be shortened down a bit

**Demon appears in circle -not asked, not summoned
**Demon is pissed
**Demons floats to a armchair
**Armchair swings to his side
**the magician slurps tee and eats cookies -and doesn’t say a world
**a moment of silence
**the demons appears to become a bit insecure
** a looooong slurp of tea
** a sigh, and some noise from the cup being brought back to the plate
** demon wants to say something, but get interrupted my the great volume of the magician who munchs eagerly the great cookies
** the demon loses his patience and yells at him: “What have you done?! Why is the orb missing, i need it to monitore my servants!”
** more slurping and munching
**answer me, mortal!
** a moment of silence -no munching or anything, the air is completely still
**sweat on the demons face, as he feels the magicians presence changing…
“You took my cookies.” she said
**the demons was bewildered, confused -felt like caught red handed
"What? uhm… uh… i thought they were your offering…for…me"
“My favorite cookies, were laying in the kitchen, far away from my usual summoning place. “
”-well thats just a matter of perspect-”
“And in a locked box.”
“You took them. Thats why all i found were some rotten remains”
“Maybe they got bad… you know? There is always some date on the package…”
“I bought them yesterday.”
“they could have last five years”
“i’m sorry”
“you should be!”


How about a twisted love story?

One girl, somewhat gifted, works her magic to help her plants grow (she has a pretty green job) and makes some amazing cookies, because they are dripping with divine love.
Still somewhat shy, but a great presence.

Then we have a even more gifted individual, but (sometimes) a asshole.
He uses his work to controll and decieve people, and just wants to bang the girl above.
And he wants to know her secret, so he could gift people some magical food, and they would succumb to his will. He is extroverted

Then we have a actually nice guy, not ass well trained as the guy above, who struggles with eberything possible, but when he has success, then he is more potent than both above.
One time, he tried her “recipe” and she was pretty impressed.
But she was disappionted, and met the other guy.
That got worse, as he tried malevolent things.

XD sorry, idk if everyone but me, would actually like such a beginning for a story



I’ll read your comic if ya make it :grin:


This seriously needs to happen! I’ve recently been thinking about how cool it would be for a comic or a movie to be about a crime fighting black magician, none of that Harry Potter bullishit though. I know this isn’t the “slice of life” feel you’re looking for, it’s a tad more grandiose, but still maintaining realistic magick, but I think you might like this or maybe want to incorporate some elements of this into your comic idea!

Let me know how this sounds:

Name: Jerry Thompson
Retired, crippled detective, age 66 occultist since the age of 16, lives in a nursing home in Los Angels, California. Wants to keep fighting crime, but can’t do it officially, so he decides to use black magick to fight criminals behind the scenes.

He keeps sending Demons and curses, and the criminals keep getting caught. Everything is going smoothly until another occultist finds out that Jerry is responsible for putting his brother behind bars, to get revenge he casts a curse on Jerry, but Jerry ain’t having it!

A curse war ensues between the two, ending in the death of the opposing occultist, he choked on a grape while on a date with a potential love internet. The detective agency Jerry used to work for buys him high grade prosthetic legs, which he was unable to afford for the past 3 years. He moves in with his daughter and her family.

Happy ending!


its only volume one (?)

We should have multible storylines, cut into segments, but after each segment a new segment from another line -you get what i mean?

We could just use all the ideas here, cut them into segments and mix those segments together.

Good and bad endings. Side stories. Backstories… 'n stuff.


this is pretty funny actually, would make a great comic strip/one shot! I’ll make sure to sketch something on your idea, haha

I really suck at romance, but I can’t say that I don’t like this one too! It would turn into a pretty fun story

actually this one seems good too, I would love to do something like this, lets say… a Sherlock Holmes but with magick. I’ll look into you suggestion too!

that’s exactly what I was thinking too. Just a bunch of oneshots involving magick, sometimes in different cities, timelines, dimensions (we could even tap into “hell”) and people. I think I would not be able to stick with only one protagonist anyway, so yeah…

one thing I was aiming for aswell, was actually doing oneshots for each and every demon on goetia (and maybe some extras), but I think it would be too much work. Still, it would be cool to try and include them in someway or another.

btw, I’ll try to tap on the character design for some of the experimental oneshots I’ll try to do (which will probably be something very very simple at first) and I’ll post the updates here, you guys can help me with that too (mainly giving suggestions on the design or helping me choose one, haha), I think it would be very cool to include the community with this subject! :slight_smile:


Many short stories or segments, that maybe will be continued later on.

BUT: all of them in the same universe -got it? :wink:

or in close variants, which makes them fun to read, because of the similarities and in-similarities

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I’ll make sure to try really hard to go on with the project then, thank you!!! :smiley:


Yes, the overlaping stories would be an interesting thing to try, mainly because it would be really great to see how they complete each other. Also, this would open many possibilities later on, making it easy to complement the plot

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Thanks! I’m really glad you liked my contribution! I can tell already that this comic is going to really cool! Plus, when you add in @Drachir ‘s idea, it makes the whole concept even more interesting! A multilayered, dynamic comic universe would be an awesome thing to see! Your comics would be like the Marvel/DC for Occultists!


Hey! I am actually an independent comics writer and illustrator… And am currently drawing a graphic novel along these same lines. One cool idea would be to have a co-op of different people writer short 5 to 10 page story ideas and have them illustrated, sort of like an anthology. If you want any help hit me up, I’d be willing to help.


Sounds like an awesome idea! I’ll send you a message soon :smiley: