Thinking about demons

Hello people. I would ask for your advice and help in general. My friend, he is new to magic and occultism. And he has such a problem. Mostly always when he goes to sleep, he starts to think over the demons etc. It is a lot that Will think of them and will attract their attention. It is a lot of paranoidn.I had a similar problem last year and I solved it through meditation to calm my thoughts. It sounds silly. It is such a mental masturbation. What do you think about it. Anybody had similar problem?He thinks that as he thinking about them, they will answer him and contact him.

I’ve had weird experiences where demons or unfriendly ghosts have been bothering me while I was lying in one of those semi-paralyzed dream states. I did the thing where you envision white protective light pouring down on you, feel it and try to see it, and it shields you and makes them leave you in peace. I’ll admit it can be hard to remember to do this sometimes when you’re actually in that half-awake situation though.

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