Think this is worth getting?


I’ve been in contact with a woman who has a haunted ouija board, here is what she said.

“I had bought this at an antique store told me the owner it was haunted well the thought of it would be a great idea for my friend since she wanted to throw a Halloween party she said yeah go ahead buy it so I did but when the time came she had no money to pay for it so I kept it but didn’t want it in my house well as it turned out to be we had a Halloween party and my sister decided to take the ouigi board out and everyone wanted to play so everyone that wanted to play did 5 or 6 people but two at a time there’s a little boy attach to it name jimmy and then a woman but no name the people that have asked questions had asked questions about them selves including me one of my friends have gotten into sever car accidents he lived the other died just recently off the tollway funeral is this weekend it was the rollover crash and my son n laws sister who at the time was pregnant had asked about her birth and on Nov. 12th she was contracting but the doctors stoped her pregnancy intime if born baby would be premature as for me It had told me about the cards? so I didn’t think anything of it until I went with a friend and went and bought some old vintage gypsy cards I thought it would be okay I read the instructions on them and I told my daughter that I would read her cards as I did and asked her questions and we were both kind of amazed at it it had asked of her losing anything or someone losing something and there was gain in money some how? and there was happiness in her marriage and traveling. Well it so happened that after an hour or so passed my daughter received a call her husband was going to the emergency room with a broken arm and well as of now he has a lawyer and all and not working at the time so that was his loss. so I have not played with the cards either but those don’t scare me the other thing does. Don’t play it alone if you are still interested and keep it out of your home so that what ever is attached to it is outside we had our party in the garage just so you know. As for the rest of the people they haven’t called me yet…”

So anyway she wants 80$ for this, it sounds to me like some of the spirits in this may have caused that car accident, but I will want to confirm this first. I already have alot of badass spirits around me so I don’t know if whatevers in the board would be worth my time even if I subdued it and brought it over to my side. On the other hand this could be another tool for me to use as I only have very limited ouija experience. So what do you guys think? Should I get it?


Checked with the spirits around me, they said I shouldnt bother with whatevers in there, so I declined the offer. I did offer the lady to try purging the board of whatever is haunting it though as there are a couple new things I got recently I want to test out. So here’s hoping she takes up my offer.


I agree with your spirits, unless you are wanting to collect it as a curio I wouldn’t bother either. We are practicing ways to make a more direct connection with more powerful spirits through evocation so it makes something like a haunted ouija a bit trite


This is what I would have suggested as well - talk to your spirits, because my gut told me it wasn’t worth bothering with. It would be a nice bonus if she’d take you up on purging it; good practice and all that. Of course, she’d probably have better luck selling it as a “cursed ouija board”, so she might not take you up on it.