Things not manifesting

Is it possible that a spirit could manifest something immediately? My rituals the last couple of days seem to not be manifesting I speak what I want to happen yet I’m being shown things that aren’t exactly what I want precisely

For instance and this is true at least for today.
I asked a spirit for something and I was shown an episode of sex and the city where 1 girl can’t get pregnant and the other is pregnant. ( Mind you my other was watching it) but it kind of ties into my request ( not fully but a part of it)

Also. I usually have a 36 hour window of manifestation which is cycling downward in time. But still I’ve witnessed manifestations happen instantly. My reasons for my impatience is that if I don’t give a time frame to the spirit it could decide at any moment in my life manifest the result.

Still very frustrated. I’m going through all the enna and chanting and evocation process correctly, yet I can’t even tell if the spirit is ignoring me, didn’t show up, or is just enjoying my misery within my current reality.

Perhaps in asking this spirit it’s testing your patience as in my experience patience rewards with wisdom but if you’ve found manifestations to be more instantanious in the past perhaps it’s just the spirit you ask that determines the rate of manifestation. Hope I’ve been helpful as much as I need it.

Well with what was shown to me, what I was told by a fellow mage, and what I experienced tonight, something will come up. And I’ll post again in a few days I’m sure

So today, I was told by my friend that a girl I know is pregnant by me but she shoved me away about two weeks ago or what seems to be two weeks ago, I was shown this pregnancy vision through people dreams and even shows and I heard it from everyone but her, but I’m not talking to her directly.

As such I’m waiting to see if she actually is pregnant because honestly she could be scared , afraid to lose me, or maybe trying to distance from me for all of these reasons.

I have been evoking zepar every day and was told 3 days from now. That something will happen the specifics of the event coincide with the result I want. I cannot take another rejection like this is rather do a ritual to make things go the way I asked them too rather then succumb to someone else’s reality.