Things going good then complicated

Hi all,

I have felt attacked quite a bit this week spiritually,

  1. Feeling more tired, whether or not the sleep is adequate,
  2. Snapping at people and not realizing it,
  3. Feeling like mosquitos are on me, but none in sight,
  4. Job going good, then a lot of weird resistance,
  5. Aches and pains, not like flu, but deep pain in my right arm/shoulder,
  6. Hands locking up on me like being in a wristlock,
  7. Finally after battling it all get set in anger.

Anyone know if this is due to the recent supermoon? A possible issue with someone here on a matter I’m not aware of and getting demons sic’d on me? Doing something magickal I wasn’t supposed to do and reaping the errors? Normal everyday life bullcrap?

Things were going well for about a week, and then about Wednesday started feeling a lot of flack around home and work for no reason.




If you suspect you’ve been attacked the first thing you should do is a divination to be sure. No point blowing things out of proportion and adding unnecessary negativity to the situation. Sometimes we just get dealt a shitty hand for a period of time, think of it as a learning experience if your not being attacked. If you are being attacked think of it as a learning experience anyways and start getting your defenses in place.

Ah, thanks all.

James Del Fuego