Things break or go bad after Baals Ritual out of E.A.s book

Hey Friends,

yesterday I performed the first time the Ritual out of the Sample of the new BALG - Baal Book. It felt good. I performed the ritual the at 22:00 for the first time. At 4 in the morning I went to the bathroom and after that I noticed that the pumping system in my house broke. In the morning I noticed, that my fridge showed a red LED, that it’s not cold enough inside. That was number 2. Then I had an appointment in one bank where. Here the cashier made one mistake and cashed 10€ less in, than I gave her. Number 3. Than I drove to another bank. In front of the bank was a 200 Meter line of people, that also want to go to the bank. Number 4. Back at home I found a sucking tick on my dog. Number 5. The next thing is that the blender broke at home. Number 6. Then a plate broke. Number 7. Then I damaged the kitchen furniture. Number 8.

So what’s going on?

Well, it’s not the first time, that things go wrong. It’s more like a pattern. After some rituals I’ve got positive results and after some others things to wrong. It feels like someone or something want to prevent me from working with this spirits.

Can someone help me or give a hint?