Things are strange

So my friend that I live with has mentioned once or twice the feeling that a witch has been watching us, whether it be through a familiar or some sort of scrying technique she’s unsure. Her infant has been waking up recently, screaming no as if something is directly bothering her, there’s a camera in her room and some odd things definitely go on sometimes, but it’s only live and doesn’t record so it’s been difficult to catch. Things such as objects shifting places, things like toys etc. But specifically, tonight I saw what looked like a ripple in the chair across from her bed. I watched intently, and as it disappeared she woke up screaming no again. I am extremely concerned, and would like any advice on protecting against whatever this is, and identifying whether or not a witch is actually interfering with our lives.

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Bad parenting needs to be ruled out first.


I can confidently rule that out as I witness everyday interactions, the child is a ray of light any other given time. She only seems to be this sort of upset in her sleep

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The baby screaming no could be night terrors. My son had them up until he was about 18 months old. He’d seem to wake up in the middle of the night, eyes open and everything, but he was fully asleep and just screaming and thrashing like he was possessed and nothing could comfort him. Night terrors are pretty common in little kids, absolutely horrifying for parents but harmless.

As for the objects moving and whatnot- I’d put a different camera in the room first, one that can record both video and sound just to rule out the baby monitor being glitchy or visual artifacts in the feed.

I highly doubt it’s a witch, but if you can rule out mundane causes it’ could be a haunting. We have a ghost and while he doesn’t deliberately scare anyone, things do move around sometimes. How do pets behave in that room? Do you get any weird feelings in there?


The pets avoid the room, and I haven’t gotten any feelings from the room but her parents say they hear weird noises. Voices and whatnot, almost like a TV is playing somewhere

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I have definitely heard that kind of noise before in a home I am convinced was haunted. Like a radio playing somewhere you can never find.

LBRP can’t hurt, with the MPR.

Okay, so that does indicate more of a haunting since the activity is localized to the room and not following the child around. Still though, does your friend have reason to believe someone would use magic against her child? Any crazy exes or bitter frienemies? Witches- sane and mature ones at least- don’t just go around harassing random babies, we have better things to do lol. I’m just curious what makes her think a witch is behind this. Even if mom has pissed off a witch I’d think they would target her instead of an innocent baby. If mom has no enemies or tiktok-witch friends who might get a kick out of hexing a baby, then I would treat this like a haunting.

Sage the house and tell the spirit kindly but firmly that they are dead now and must move on to the other side. Don’t light sage with a baby in the house though, have mama take her out for a few hours. In the room, you can place some basil and cayenne where baby can’t get into it to ward off negative magic, on the off chance it is a witch.