ThetaGamma Shift similar to?


Is the ThetaGamma Sift similar to The Gamma Meditation cd by Dr Jeffery Thompson ?


Theta-Gamma sync is a mental brainwave state, and can be accomplished a number of ways - so most likely yes, that meditation is probably designed to put you into the gamma state.

EA talks about the state in his evocation seminar, and gives a process for getting into it in nearly all of his books:

Dixie State College Evocation Seminar


I was re-watching the Mastering Divination course program and noticed that, to get into the theta-gamma sync quickly, EA seems to roll his eyes back for a few seconds. Anyone else use this method? It gets me dizzy puts pressure on my ajna chakra pretty quickly.


Yes. I also noticed that it works better in low light (less the better). I don’t feel dizzy but do feel the pressure. Also, I have seen shadow “beings” using this method. I hesitate to call them shadow people as they are very small. Size of a cat.


I actually had no idea that I do that.


Yeah that works well :slight_smile: Good find Pyro.


I actually had no idea that I do that.[/quote]

Well, with the way you explained the Theta-Gamma Sync to me in one of our personal consults, you helped me with something I felt has really helped me a lot.

You said, you can usually feel rapture when you may get light headed, your eyes roll in the back of your head, and your head may lean forward.

So that’s how I always gauge if I’ve fallen into the Theta state or not.

If I’m watching the mastering divination video while pushing on my spiritual vision, if I see you roll your eyes back to demonstrate a psychic reading or something, sometimes I see your third eye fire up massively with energy in an instant it fires up like a laser. But hey, that’s just how I’ve learned to identify it as that.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis