Theta-Gamma Sync?

Okay, so I’ve been meditating quite a lot ever since I started now. And it’s been just over 3 monthes at this point. Recently when I’ve been meditating I’ve been going into a whole NEW level of meditation that honestly feels extremely intense. I’m thinking it has to do with the theta-gamma sync because instead of going straight to sleep like I used to, I’ll hit a point where my body is fully rested, and feels very calm, and if it were any deeper I’d be asleep. The 1st 2 times this happened was about 5 days ago. I hit a point of intense, what literally feels as if my body is almost having a seizure, but really it feels more empowering, and feels as if energy is pulsating throughout all of me. Today, I had it happen for the 3rd time, and instead of pulling out of it after the 1st 10-20 seconds, I stayed in the theta for a good 5-10 minutes straight. I felt this full-body convulsion atleast 3 or 4 times periodically as I was laying. And I started having some sort visions and very altered thoughts occuring. A lot of the time during the “energetic convulsions” I’ll call them I was hearing all sorts of random voices coming from all directions but I couldn’t make out what it was, and it just sounded like a whole bunch of giberish. Each time it would happen I would try to redirect my thoughts to something productive in hopes to manifest. So I’m curious, are these energetic convulsions gamma waves being shot off in my brain? If so, how can I better make use of them and direct them now that I’m at this new level of awareness? I still haven’t opened all my chakras I know that for a fact. But in order of intensity; my third eye, heart, throat, sex, & solar plexus chakras all vibrate when ever I meditate now, I noticed I felt kinda like I kept floating off away from my body. I have done nearly NONE meditation on my root cause I didn’t find it necessary at first, would you suggest I start focusing on my root chakra some more now?

Suggestions, concerns, answers someone if you wouldn’t mind?

Thanks all for your time.

Honestly, my opinion is try it and see.

I can’t remember every single shift in awareness, energy, etc., that I went through (and still experience from time to time) but they’re part of the process, and I personally just took a “go with the flow” approach.

Do you feel ungrounded afterwards, when you’re trying to do everyday things?

I didn’t feel too ungrounded after actually, it was mostly just while it was happening… I do remember having a time during senior year of high school and my first year of college that I experimented with a certain amount of hallucinigens there for a time synthetic LSD, being on the list. But shortly after all that I did a massive amount of running and drank lots of water to clear a huge amount of the toxins out of my body. Secondly, when I first started with my spiritual path I was manifesting largely as best I could with angels, and I had Michael & Raphael both help clear the rest of what I thought was left in my body out. I remember one of the 1st times I ever actually seriously tried manifesting with Michael I imagined all the substances of the past literally blasting out of my face for what reason I’m not quite sure…(probably cause it was closest to my brain) I felt my entire body get numb and light for a good hour & a half straight. The next morning I woke up and had cakes of eye sand on both sides of my face, and from then on I noticed I felt extremely more alert and happy once again. ^.^ I’d say it did the job. So anyway my point is, I’m thinking that could possibly explain the voices? My body is probably still somewhat detoxifying, but the floating sensation reminded me of the way I felt whenever I tried extremely hard to soul travel. So yeah, I kinda did just go with it. Cause I was thinking if I manage to just soul travel even accidently, as I’ve read plenty of times by now, getting back to your body is the EASY part. I was just trying to distinguish if these we’re hallucinations or spirits trying to reach out to me… I remember at one point seeing 2 people that I had never met before greeting me, and then the second one just came up to me and hugged me and faded away. Hmm. Lol what brought me out of all this is I started seeing my room around me and I thought for some reason I heard my cat crawling on the window to the right of me, I started to freak out cause I was afraid she was gonna knock a lamp onto me while I was meditating. Lmao so I opened my eye real quick to check what was going on and lost my trance thereafter. Just to find she was still hiding under the bed :confused:

Dammit now that I think back to it again and typed it all out, I’m wondering if I had gotten to the first step of soul travel. >.< Cause I remember reading from EA that seeing the room around you is often the first step to soul travel. Well, fuuuck. Atleast I made some progress

The best explanation I have is, “When you start doing weird stuff, weird stuff will happen” - probably not the most helpful response but this has been my experience and also other people, even just people doing milder stuff like learning to cleanse their auras and whatever. :slight_smile:

If you hear voices, ask them to tell you something useful you don’t already know, for example, that should rule out the possibility of them being random detritus from your own mind. Something simple like what kind of mail will arrive tomorrow, or will you see a pink car the next time you go out.

You can also ask them to be silent - if they obey until you call them again, there’s more chance they’re an external “mind” or spirit and they’re reacting to you as the same.

If anything they say is spiteful, malicious, or mocking you or other people, or trying to get you to listen uncritically or obey without question, banish them and also repeat “cancel cancel” or something like that in your own internal voice every time they speak up.

And yeah, it could be soul travel, other people on here know more about OOB soul travel than me, I mainly just travel in the astral because I never yet found a use for OOB that made me motivated to study it. :slight_smile:

I heard that astral travel wasn’t as natural as soul travel, and I thought that with soul travel you could visit all sorts of gods & deities? But yeah when I hear the voices it’s somewhat degrading and mocking so I’m going to try banishing some more. Other then that I’ll continue getting to that state because I think I could start manifesting ‘supernatural’ circumstances using that state.

Thanks for the reply!

Talk again soon

I was using “soul travel” as an umbrella term for when your consciousness is placed outside the body, either when it goes to astral realms, or when it travels to locations in the physical world without your body - the first seems reasonably easy to learn (I’ve trained people myself, and seen it learned in a weekend) but the second out of body (OOB) type seems a bit more complex.

With the version where you enter various non-physical realms, you can indeed meet with deities, angels, your own Higher Self, all manner of beings. even the souls of inanimate objects, so it’s well worth doing and IMO is a foundation skill that boosts just about everything else.