Theta Gamma Sync

Hi all, in the course of evocation Koetting mentioned that to enter the State, gamma theta is as simple as see a point on the ceiling until you see a static rain, I’ve accomplished this but not is if it is by that have done it well or eyestrain. I could explain this as well as the scrying vision? they are similar shambhavi mudra

The Theta-gamma sync is a kind of trance, it cannot be confused with eye strain. The way you can know if you are in it is not only by the visual phenomena but also by being aware of your body and the way your mind feels at the moment. With practice you should recognize the different trance levels and you will start controlling them I. An easier way.
I also suggest you try to imagine yourself falling, of lifting up like in an account elevator. Feel the same changes in your body. This will help you get into the required trance. Just do not I’ve do it, you could fall asleep as the trance state is very close to the sleeping altered state of consciousness.