Theta gamma sync

im am no newbie to the system, ive studied and studied the system and try implementing it into practice and all that has come so far is trial and error, ive watched countless videos, read all the books by e.a. and others, ive done a very extensive search on methods and information about brainwaves and what to do to change them… i cannot for the life of me figure out how to get to theta gamma, i cant seem to relax my mind and body enough at the same time to get myself there, it seems with me relaxation only happens when its mind, body, or sleep. ive even read articles and books about how to coax your body to sleep while your mind remains awake, if anyone has anything to say, any hints that can get me there id highly appreciate it, keep in mind that ive tried alot of methods already, and while the methods yu may suggest i may have very well been trying for months, id still like to hear them, but could you try to make them more detailed or put a personal spin on them? i know im probably asking alot, but thats why this forum exists right? for one another magus to help eachother out or answer questions when need be, thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

have you tried binaural beats?it’s the easiest way to get into the state.especially with headphones.

also you can cover your eyes with a sleeping mask or something.the mask and the headphones will cut you from any external influence.

Give yourself 5 minutes of meditative breathing and then follow with empowering visualization of your choice. After that trust that you ARE already in the synch. Getting into a ritual mindsett will produce he nessecary state to induce magical change. A big part of causingthat is giving the mind time to ease in to it and accepting that you are divinely transfigured after certain “iniini rituals” this gives the mind a very clear on off point to work from. Beyond that tge synch is subtle and not entirely bombastic as you may believe. See the last of 3 common most questions of black magic on EA’s YouTube Channel, he adresses this as the last question. Also see Boiing Frog Syndrome, and lastly check out certain methods the GD uses such hss a series of invocation and banishings.