Theta-Gamma sync? There's an app for that!

I started using an iPhone app a while back for breathing exercises. It will start you off at a fairly normal breathing rate of maybe eight breaths per minute or so and slowly takes you down to a predetermined breath rate. I chose 4.7 breaths per minute as my target rate. After less than 10 minutes of this, I am deep in the Theta-Gamma sync… As in the world is going dark around me and I am borderline hallucinating deep.

This particular app is called Breathing Zone but I’m sure that there are plenty of other similar apps out there.

Hey, I have a lot of iphone apps like this that seem stupid to some, but if you put all of the “how can that really work?” preconceptions aside, some of them do work like a charm. I’ll check into this for sure. I have a meditation app for peaceful zen based and bin-aural sounds, tarot apps, a dream journal app with dream meaning cards (love that one!)

I also have an aura capturing camera on my iphone, a palm reading app, and a spirit board app, yeah those are complete BS and I knew they would be when I got them but they are still fun to use when bored. Apple’s app store is loaded with occult based apps. Just think of something occult based, I bet they have an app for it.

Hmm, all people seem to have iPhones…(except me) well i still can probably use almost all of that stuff on pc…

Proabably. Some websites are set up like apps and the only purpose of the site is whatever they made it for.

I came across a spirit board site once, odd but they believed that by putting your hands on the PC screen, the planchette would move. It did move but I think it was pre-programmed to do that.

There is this one site called 8,888 wishes granted. You type in a wish and you’re supposed to visit the site again every day for 8 days and just re-read your wish post. They say it works but I think some of those comments are fake ones that were put there by the makers of that website to make people think it works, because I stumbled on that site again the other day and there were comments saying this doesn’t work. The makers of the site responded and said because we only grant wishes for a special few.

They say they will keep the site up until they fulfill 8,888 wishes thru the power of 8 magick. But apparently they are so selective who they choose to help, the site has been up since at least 2007 and they still have not granted 8,888 wishes even though over 30,000 people posted a wish. Seems like, not a scam because it’s free, but something to make the website owner feel powerful?

Are there adverts in that website raven? because some people do websites like that just to get hits, so they get money from adverts…

I don’t recall. There may have been an ad banner at the top but the site was not loaded with ads. I am aware of that trick. People can get paid for ad clicks on their website if they sign up for google adsense (maybe it was adwords) so they try all kinds of crafty sneaky ways to pull people to their site so they can just collect money every time someone clicks on an ad while there.

Some asshole in France recently stole photos from my online store and used them to lead people to his ad farm site. (we call them ad farms). But I sell a very popular toy and he must have known how popular it was so he made it look you could buy my items on his website but when you visit it, it’s just my photos and when clicked on, it takes you to an ad page. Being the computer nerd I am, when his web hosting company would not remove it, I made a public post on his website with his name, country location, address, phone number, I.P. address, the name of his internet service provider, and so on.

He was scared that I knew so much about him and he felt threatened so he took it down after that. But I was not about to have my products on an ad farm website. My customers if they saw that, they would stop trusting me and think I was the one running that site since it was my products on there. I may seem like a goof off with a good sense of humor on here, but when it comes to my money making source, you’re fucking with my happiness and my customers and I got a big problem with that. I am very serious when it involves my work.