Theta-gamma Sync Issues


I am working on achieve the “theta-gamma” sync state, and after a few days I would appreciate some advise.

I can achieve the static, or myst or whatever you would like to call, and here is where begins my problems. I am unable to feel that “vertigo” or feel dizzy or anything from here.

  • Should I close my eyes when I see the static?
  • Should I focus my gaze in any point, move my eyes…?
  • Is it a good idea to recite (mentally) a mantra?
  • How is the best way to deepen the state, leting go…?

Any advice you would like yo give will be appreciated.

Thank you all.

Ditto, here… Very much my questions as well…

A trance is individual. I have never experienced vertigo or dizziness, but I have still manifested entities that I could see. For me, I know that I’m in a good sync if I can’t feel any other part of my body but my head.

But, that’s just me, chances are you’re already getting there you’re just letting the expectations of others experience block you.

Sorry for the delay, y was a bit busy.

Thank you for your answer. In fact, recently I began to think that I achieve this state, (maybe not the deep level, aka “rapture”, but some “middle” one), although I am still unable to feel that “vertigo” (which, actually, does not bother me).

It is, as I think, because of a personal synthesis, experience, improvement… Now, into the next step.

It is a pleasure speaking with you.

Thank you.

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