Theta Gamma, rapture, crossroads

Hi E.A. I was just wondering if you have a video that covers theta gamma, rapture and the crossroads all in one. (It is my understanding that you enter them consecutively like that, one after the other, so forgive me if I misunderstand). Something that lays out how to get to each state and what that feels like once you’ve reached it.

I understand you are busy, so in the mean time I will keep searching. And if anyone here knows of one, I appreciate the info!

Thank you, and thank you for all the helpful videos you continue to put out there for use to learn from!

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@Langston Yes. There is.


Awesome! Thank you so much TheStorm :grinning:

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@Langston this has many gems of info that may be of interest if you run into any more roadblocks.


Thanks Dinmiatus! Looks like a wealth of information. I look forward to reading it!


Your welcome hope it is of use. :grin:


So, I’ve only been able to watch about half the video so far. However, it’s great! Very informative! Thank you again for bringing it to my attention! I find that, with all do respect, there are always hidden gems in E.A.’s videos. What I mean is that the titles of some of his videos do not do justice to the knowledge he shares!!