Theta gama success!

ok, finaly

after years of doing this

i am now able to achieve theta state of mind (which i can clearly tell when it happens) almost at will.

and i have found a METHOD which induces the thoughtless state.

i truly am suprised ad the simplicity of the method and that no one has ever told me how to ACTUALLY do it.

i am fire-air guy. problems with getting into trance. i cound never get into it. i could get my body to relax, but not my mind.

then, a day of Enlightenment hit me, and there i learnt how to be in thoughtless state, and how awesomly good and sexy that feels…

and now,

ladies and gentlemen, for the first time, as far as i know, i will tell you the MOST






  • you do everything you do allways - sit, breathe etc…



yes, time.

~ TIME ~

we can get all smarty and phylosofaggy and claim that

  • time doesn’t exist
  • time most surely exist
  • time malleable
  • time is this or that or isn’t or whatever

the truth is that

TIME is the most important phenomenon in existance

you don’t have to understand this now


all that flows, is time

time is all that flows

rivers of time, blood and water flowing trough your body

pay even closer attention and try to catch those tiny tiny fractions of time

in the end

we are all feared by time. and unconscious are them who run away from it.

[quote=“bahamuthat, post:1, topic:6788”]the truth is that

TIME is the most important phenomenon in existance[/quote]

Kali-Ma is Time.

Shiva is Time - which creates, sustains, and destroys.

And that’s just the OLD order! :wink:

My spirit chums have told me that my own quest to understand the spacetime perception is THE single most important “quest” I can embark upon - a personal fact I only mention as wholehearted endorsement of what bahamuthat is saying here… :heart:

yes… :slight_smile:

my greatest discovery some months ago was understanding that MIND creates TIME

so that led me to the lightning conclusion that the exit door of the mind is, in fact, ETERNITY

oh, the greatness… on the infinity…

and now, by enduring the excruciatingly beautiful decaying proces while sticking to the FLOW OF TIME, One might, if lucky :wink: become Time Itself



“There is no such thing as a fixed single moment in time…”

NO present.

So where are we?

NO present.


presence… (ssssssssssssssssssssss) :slight_smile:

Multi-dimensional thinking. Your mind can perceive a single moment, alternative timelines, as well as the growth and decay of a timeline. It all exists at once. Time equates with Information and Energy…where there are many present moments. Perhaps you can think of a present moment as focusing on a fixed peice of information (limited information) that only corresponds to that unique moment in time. Much like designing a magick spell for something specific.

ok. let me clear this up.

every time i would find an “inner key” of unlocking myself from the mundane to enter the magickal, the key would lose it’s power over time, because it’s a “thing”

but this model of fixing focus upon the FLOW OF TIME, which means, the FLOW IN GENERAL, is non-changing and Eternal.
and an honest, no-shortcut way to the truth.

it always flows.

it is the Body of The Dragon, which is moving.

you, who observe, are always still.

so, this process of feeling the flow of time (feeling all that happens, like dzogzchen)

literally kills the self talk and listens to God

is this better explanation?

it is like using ELEVATOR which always goes down, and you can take the ride.

descending with the elevator naturally lowers brain frequencies and all the other stuff we don’t need to explain

the main thing to realize is that there is never a shortcut. at least, for me. i’m always forcing. and this is my greatest mistake. and, working with children, i see the same problem in everyone now.

the shortest and fastest way to experience all relevant occult experiences is, to actually, for once, to watch closely how The One flows.

don’t believe me?

go and do it. and be patient… sit with the flow of time… you will think again and again the deeper you go, the smarter are revelations… but you keep watching Time.

and come back here and tell us what you found!

and yes, i’m the kind of fools who would, if stumbled across a bag of diamonds, i’d say HEY EVERYBODY, LOOK HERE ARE DIAMONDS!!

some folks do a show or write a book and get de monet

and i get wings woohoooooo

I know that this theme is old, but hey it is about tiiimmme.If we take a car with limitless speed it will disapere, why? becouse where is time there is egsistence, and there is attachment, and there is ego, without a time there is not ego and attachments becouse there is eternety and nothingness, and that nothingnes is a darkkness and in that darkness there is light a diamond hart of ahriman that shines, the dot in eternety and that is the gold of alchemy, and treasure of a dragon.Life essence itself.Secret of secrets and mystery of mysteries unvailed sophia and tammuz of sumerians, the essence of life in hell in a deep of the infernal empire.